Miele Micro Set Customer Q & A

Miele Micro Set Product Details
Q1: Does the Miele Micro set work with the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Vacuum Cleaner?

A: Yes. This kit will actually work with any Miele vacuum. It attaches to the handle where the wand would normally connect of any Miele. Additionally, anything that was compatible with an S8 will be compatible with an C3. Same goes for S6 and C2, S2 and C1, S1 and H1, and S7 and U1. Hope that helps!

Q2: Are the Miele micro set tools compatible with other vacuums like the Atrix?

A: Probably not. Miele accessories are made by a specific company in Germany and part of their exclusivity is designing a size that pretty much only fits Miele vacuums. By in large, there are industry standards, of which Miele doesn't fit. So while it may be possible, I wouldn't purchase with the plan of it fitting a different style vacuum cleaner.

Miele Micro Set Product Details

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