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Miele Vacuum Attachments Product Details
Q1: the hose on my new Miele S2001 does not want to uncoil all the way. Is this normal or will it loosen up with use?

A: Since it does spend some time in the box from after the manufacturing process through shipping overseas from Germany then being shipped again from Miele to us, the hose will generally have some bend/curve to it. That's normal, but the natural curve or lay of the hose will change in time depending on how you store it. Hope that helps!

Q2: Hello, I had a question about if the miele car care hose kit, and the micro kit would fit the miele stick vacuum. Thanks in advance for your answer, Karen

A: Micro kit hose - yes. CarClean kit - no. The hose extension that may be included in the larger kits, like the CarClean, fit straight suction canisters only.

Q3: Can the electric hose be purchased for the Miele Onyx S6270. What attachments come standard?

A: Yes, an electric hose could be purchased later for use with the Onyx. It would be the same hose that comes standard with the S6 Topaz. The Onyx comes standard with the Twister Parquet Floor tool and the STB 205-3 Turbobrush. If you were to want to switch hoses, you would also have to get a new wand. An upgraded handle would integrated into the electric hose, but the wand would be a separate but necessary purchase, since without it there is no way to transfer the power from the hose to an electrically driven floor tool.

Q4: Do you have an attachment for cleaning window blinds for a miele vaccum?

A: Short answer - no. For things like that, I like using the mini dusting brush. The bristles are soft and flexible enough to clair fairly well, and you can always adjust the suction so you're not sucking up the blinds. Your other option might be the radiator brush. It's shaped differed, but might work better in between the blinds. I will say though, if it's regular mini blinds, that will take forever. With the dusting brush I lay the blinds flat/close, dust them with the brush, turn the handle so the other flat side is exposed then repeat. Hope that helps!

Q5: I have a Miele Jazz I purchased from you a few weeks ago and I would like to purchase a Parquet Twister SBB 300-3 to use on it. Do I need a longer wand attachment for the hose to vacuum large areas of my hardwood? Thank you for any info you can give me.

A: Well, not unless you're really tall. I'm 5' 11", and the attached wand, when fully extended, doesn't require me to bend over while using the Twister parquet tool.

Q6: Do the Miele Universal brush and swivel brush really fit Hoover and other vacuums, or are they only "universal" for Miele vacuums?

A: Only universal for Miele vacuum cleaners. Much like other competitors Dyson, SEBO, etc., Miele products are uniquely designed, so the openings and attachments are designed to fit nearly every single model within the brand, but almost none outside of the brand.

Q7: Would these attachments work with the Miele Universal Upright?

A: Yes. The mini attachments will fit onto nearly any Miele vacuum cleaner, including all of the models you see on our website.

Q8: I have a Contour S2 and require a power nozzle for carpet. Does the air driven power nozzle work properly ? if so what is the part number for this item .

A: The attachments are nearly all identical, meaning an STB 205-3 only shows minor differences, in the small clip on the back used to park the attachment, to the STB 205. For your vacuum, the STB 205-3 should work just fine.

Q9: Hi.. Can I use the miele mattress nozzle item ml0078 with my miele upright powerhouse vacuum s183. Thank you

A: The standard Miele mattress nozzle does NOT fit the S183 upright vacuum.

Q10: Does a 217-3 power nozzle fit the same as a 217-2? what is the difference between the two? Have a 217-2, can purchase a 217-3, will it work?

A: Yes. The biggest difference between these two powerbrushes is the name SEB 217-2 vs. SEB 217-3. Originally, Miele designed separate attachments for each line of vacuum cleaners. As this got confusing, the products have been consolidated and design streamlined so that the current line of attachments will fit nearly any of their vacuums, even older models. The difference is mainly in the plastic that forms the park feature on the back of the attachment. Performance, size and style is identical. Aside from the addition of one small piece of plastic of the back of the SEB 217-2, they are identical. This model was originally used with S500, S600, S700 and S800 series Miele vacuums. Yes.

Miele Vacuum Attachments Product Details

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