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Q1: I have a Miele S4210 Carina and would like to upgrade my wand to one with a handle and possibly electric if possible. What are my options? Thank you.

A: Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to make sure to confirm this before I answered. The S4 line wouldn't be upgraded. I'm almost certain this was the last line of Miele vacuums that didn't at least give you the electrical port for the later upgrade. All of the later lines S5, S6, S2, S8, now have the option to upgrade since the electrical port is built in either the collar where the hose connects or the inner part of the handle. So unfortunately, the best you could do with the Carina is the STB 205-3 air driven Turbobrush. Works fine on thinner or low pile carpet and some medium height/density carpet, but will bog down on the thicker stuff.

Q2: I purchased the Miele vacuum from Sears in 2009, it has been a great vacuum but now I find I need a new power nozzle, my model is S518, please let me know if this is available . Thank you.

A: Yes. Were you replacing a 213 or 217 model powerbrush? You'll want the "-2" models, so an SEB 213-2 or SEB 217-2. We have both available on our Miele Attachments page.

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