Electrolux Twin Clean Canister Customer Q & A

Electrolux Twin Clean Canister Product Details
Q1: The carpet cleaner part of my vacuum has stopped working - any suggestions???? Also the filters have become clooged with fine dust - I tried using a tooth brush dry and then worked along until I now have the 2 FILTERS in their housing soaking in liquid dishwashing - still really dirty - are there replacements available????

A: If the brushroll has stopped working, it icould be one of a few things. It could be the small belt that drives the brushroll is worn or broken. This would lead to the brushroll not turning at all or turning intermittently, possibly producing an odor. The second potential problem could be the small motor that drives the belt and powers the brushroll. If the motor is burnt up, the entire powerhead likely needs to be replaced. The only other possible issue I could think off would be some sort of short in the circuit that activates the motor. If the circuit is shorted out somewhere along the line then the control on the wand wouldn't be able to turn the brushroll on or off. We have two filters you can purchase for the Twin Clean. Both the H12 Washable filter and the standard H12 HEPA filter will fit this machine.

Electrolux Twin Clean Canister Product Details

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