Dyson Absolute Asthma & Allergy Customer Q & A

Dyson Absolute Asthma & Allergy Product Details
Q1: Why was this vacuum discontinued?

A: No clue. What I do know is Dyson typically retires vacuums quickly, compared to some manufacturers. Their entire business model, like others, is based on continually coming up with new models even if there are no new features, every 12-18 months.

Q2: We have a lot of hardwood floors and I want to know if the DC17 is safe for wood floors or will it cause damage?

A: This vac is hard to find since it's been discontinued, but if you found somewhere to purchase, no, it should not damage your floors. The brushroll can be turned off, so like many uprights, you turn the brushroll off and you're set to use it on smooth flooring.

Dyson Absolute Asthma & Allergy Product Details

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