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SinuPulse Elite Product Details
Q1: Your instructions on the elite machine do not say how often to clean with bleach and amount of vinegar to use . Could you give me more cleaning details.

A: These instructions come directly from SinuPulse.

To Sanitize:
Place two ounces of bleach in the tank then fill with water.
Run irrigator until small amounts of water begin to come out.
Place attachments into the water/bleach solution, in the tank and allow to soak for 10 minutes.
Remove bleach solution and rinse attachment and reservoir completely with clean water.
Refill reservoir with clean water and run through the irrigator until empty.
Do NOT use full strength bleach as it can cause premature wear of parts.
Do this as needed, but after each use, you can keep the machine cleaner, longer by running a full reservoir of warm water through the irrigator to remove any build up of salt/solution. Every two weeks, you can take this rinsing step further by adding 2-4 tablespoons of vinegar to a full reservoir of warm water then run this solution through the irrigator. The vinegar will remove any pesky deposits that warm water along may miss.
Hope that helps!


A: The first link is to our SinuPulse FAQ page. The second is the PDF file for the user instructions/manual. Both links are also listed in the Additional Resources section on our product page.

Q3: Can this product warm the water? Does it need purified water? Thank you.

A: The SinuPulse does not warm the water. When you fill the reservoir you can either use warm or cool water. Since you are using it to rinse your sinuses, water roughly as warm as your body temperature is generally a good rule of thumb. The water does not necessarily need to be purified, but it is recommended that for best results you can use either distilled water which can be purchased relatively inexpensively from any local grocery store or use water that was run through a carbon/charcoal filter. These ensure that most of the mineral content has been removed. We find, that most people use simple tap water.

SinuPulse Elite Product Details

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