Vital Oxide Disinfectant & Cleaner Customer Q & A

Vital Oxide Disinfectant & Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Is Vital Oxide flammable? I have a cold fogger and want to fog my basement and wondering about pilot lights on water heater and furnace.

A: No it is not.

Q2: Can VitalOxide Disinfectant be used to clean the toilet bowl water if you have a septic tank?

A: Yes. Being non-corrosive and non-toxic, it shouldn't have any sort of reaction or effect on the lines or the septic.

Q3: Is this product pet friendly? Thanks! Andy

A: Yes, and food prep surface safe as well. Almost no odors. Obviously, you don't want to spray it on your pet or allow them to drink the stuff, but after it dries, you shouldn't have any problems.

Q4: I have a 2200 sq ft basement to treat. How much does one 32 ounce bottle cover?

A: 2200 Sq. Ft. is pretty substantial! A 32 oz. bottle won't even come close. You're likely looking at something in the order of a couple of the gallon bottles. Truthfully, for a large space like that, you may want to consider a fogger. They can be picked up a the big box home improvement stores and treat entire areas, more quickly. If you fog, you would use 1 qt. per 2000 cu. ft. In your case, if the ceilings are 8 ft., your volume would be about 17,600 cu. ft. meaning you would need 8qts. 2 gal.. Spray applying, you will use a bit less since you're coating just the surface. This will vary though, depending on to what extend you saturate or coat surface. hope that helps!

Q5: We have mildew and mold growth on our open-beam, wooden ceilings. Will this product work for that application?

A: Yes. You will likely want to treat the surface twice, scrubbing or wiping after the first. The first should kill any growth, while the second should help prevent problems for many months. Test it first though just to give you some idea if they'll be any discoloration there shouldn't be, but if you use as directed, it should fix the problem.

Q6: Can Vital Oxide be used to wash down walls in a bedroom?

A: Yes. Test for color fastness first, but I have used Vital Oxide on most surface in my home, including floors, tile, and painted walls.

Q7: Can this product be used to clean mold and dirt from marble and lyme graveyard headstone?

A: Yes. But as with any new application where you haven't tried this product on the base material, test it on a small area first. Because the primary ingredient is sodium chlorite, the reactivity of Vital Oxide on most surfaces is very low to non-existant. Make sure when you test a small area, you spray and allow the spray to sit for a while as this will be how you apply to remove mold.

Q8: Will Vital Oxide harm granite and marble tombstones? will it remove mold and lichens from these stones, if so exactly how should it be used to be most effective?

A: No, it should not hurt the stones. The best way is to use a detergent or soap and scrub the surfaces clean. Once it has dried, saturate it with Vital Oxide. This should keep the surfaces free of mold, mildew or moss for at least a couple months. Results will vary depending on the outdoor environment, and once you've cleaned the tombstones, I would test the Vital Oxide in a small, inconspicuous are. I have used Vital Oxide on tile, linoleum, fabrics and brick with excellent results.

Q9: I am in ireland . Where can I buy this?

A: Right now I know there is only one distributor, in the UK, who is going through the process of having the product certified for sale. Because the testing and registration requirements are not the same as with the EPA here in the U.S. the process is expensive, bureaucratic and lengthy. A bottle could be shipped direct from here, but with the expense of shipping and chance that the item would be held in customs, that's an iffy proposition. I'm hopefully they can soon get the products tested and certified for resale... Unfortunately I'm just not sure when that will be.

Vital Oxide Disinfectant & Cleaner Product Details

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