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Allergy Armor Pillows Product Details
Q1: I want a soft man made pillow, not feathers, that does not lose its height. I also want one that is not to lofty, I usually start off sleeping with 2 pillows and discard one throughout the night.My old pillows were soft. Had a label that said, so that's what I want to replace them with. What do you have that will fit that bill?

A: The Allergy Armor pillows have a 100% poly fill that ranges from 20-24 oz. depending on the size you order. They retain their loft better than the a down pillow does. Another option is the PrimaLoft pillows. They are softer than the Allergy Armor but squish down a good bit, similar to a down pillow but without the feathers. Your last option it to take a look at the Ogallala pillows. Their are a variety of pillows that are offered, most of which can be customized with by fill and size. The fill ranges from guaranteed hypoallergenic hypodown to wool pillow. The Harvester pillow is custom made with an unbleached, undyed cotton shell whereas the Pearl White pillow is also custom made but uses traditional manufactured cotton for the shell.

Allergy Armor Pillows Product Details

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