Allergy Armor Fleece Blankets Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Fleece Blankets Product Details
Q1: Which Polatec are your blankets made of: 100, 200, or 300?

A: 200 weight.

Q2: will this blanket be available in other colors i.e, green, pink, purple, periwinkle,or colors that are more feminine? Some color more kid friendly? Tell the Fall River folks: We Hope so! Thanks so much!

A: Well, if I had had my way, there would have been a red/wine color! Alas, I was voted down, but I do agree, more colors = better, esp. ones beyond what seem to be the old "standards." In reality, we can have Polartec make any custom color we want, but for that to make sense, there has to be demand due to the amount of raw materials they make with each custom fabric run for us. As we have tried to diversify our color offering in allergy mask, so to have we tried in bedding. Provided these blankets are reasonably popular, I would expect another color addition in the future.

Q3: So the new blankets won't have any seams?

A: As of 10/2014 that's correct! Originally we were limited in the fleece we could obtain from Polartec. As most production of textiles has moved out of the U.S. there's been less demand for the few remaining producers, like Polartec to produce extra wide fabric. More recently, they have heard enough feedback from the few remaining domestic producers of blankets/textiles like ourselves to warranty the production of extra wide rolls, large enough to cut even King size blankets with no seams.

Q4: Are the Queen and Twin size Allergy Armor blankets all one piece or do they have seams like the King?

A: The twin is a single panel blanket, so there are no seams. Queen and King size blankets do have seams due to the size of the raw materials available.

Q5: Allergy Armor Fleece Blankets Can it be washed in hot water?

A: Yes. Though the tag says, 120 degrees, we actually recommend a little warmer if possible, to kill dust mites.

Allergy Armor Fleece Blankets Product Details

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