Danby DDR7009REE Premier Dehumidifiers Customer Q & A

Danby DDR7009REE Premier Dehumidifiers Product Details
Q1: When will these be in stock again

A: This particular model? Never. Danby's completed phased this specific model out, and we have exhausted what we had in stock. After three years, they finally decided to give this line a facelift and introduce a new model. As a note, the DDR70A1GP is an identical model with two differences. First, it's newer different model no, and second, it has a different faceplate. So the appearance from the front is different, but what's actually inside the shell is identical to the older DDR7009REE.

Q2: The danby dehumidifier stays at 45 and it seems to not be pulling the moisture out of the air but it is constantly running.

A: If your set point is 45%, you may have reached it. If that is the case, the fan will continue to run and cycle air through while the condensor will not kick on unles the humidity raises above the set point. If your overall humidity has leveled out, say b/c of the seasonal change or a correction in whatever was originally causes the excess humidity, you may consider turning the unit completely off then checking the humidity after a day or so by turning the Danby back on. Hope that helps!

Q3: Do I have to use the direct drain or do I have the option to manually remove the water?

A: Either. To directly drain, attach the supplied hose and port that hose into a nearby floor drain allowing gravity to move the condensate or condensate pump. To manually remove the water, simple run the Danby as you receive it. Water will fill the bucket, and you can empty it when full. The "default" drain option is to use the bucket. Out of the box, it is set up for this.

Q4: Why would I need the package? it will be located in the basement, but what does the condensate pump do for me?

A: The pump is ideal for those who do not have a floor drain or due to the layout of the basement have to push water up any sort of grade. The pump gives you the ability to push water horizontally and vertically over areas where gravity would limit your ability to port and directly drain away condensate via the supplied hose. Ultimately, the package is not necessary for everyone but very helpful for those who are in the situations described above. If you have a nearby floor drain, the pump is likely not necessary.

Q5: What is the bucket capacity of the DDR7009REE dehumidifier? Which of your dehumidifiers has the largest bucket capacity? Please note: the 70 pint units remove up to 70 pints per 24 hours, but how large is the bucket that collects the water?

A: 1.78 Gal. is the tank capacity of both the Danby 70 pint dehumidifier and Danby 50 pint. The models are nearly identical with the big differences being in total water removal capacity per day and price.

Danby DDR7009REE Premier Dehumidifiers Product Details

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