SafeHome System Air Return Filters Customer Q & A

SafeHome System Air Return Filters Product Details
Q1: How does this removal of cigarette smoke? It seeps into my condo from adjoining neighbors.

A: It's going to depend on how severe the problem is. The carbon filter does a decent job of removing odors, including smoke, but for heavy concentrations you may want to consider an air purifier. This is because the amount of carbon in the SAFEHome filter is relatively low. That has nothing to do with the quality of the filter, it's simply a constraint of filtering any forced air/HVAC system. Filters have to allow for proper air flow otherwise they can add a lot of strain to the blower motor and cause premature wear/failure. If you notice your problem is more specific to one particular room, an air purifier in that room might be a better bet. If it's something that spans multiple rooms, the return filter with carbon may help. Hope that helps!

Q2: What is pressure and MERV for Safe Home system air return filter?

A: The filter with this system measures out at MERV 7 when tested at 500 feet per second of airflow. When tested at 300 feet per second, the MERV rating for this filter is 10, so the actual performance will vary a bit based on the airflow of your particular system. The air resistance is 0.13 WG at 300 feet per minute for the SafeHome System. Hope that helps!

Q3: The annual pack includes 4, regular prefilters and 1 chemical/charcoal filter? The chemical filter to be used for 1 year?

A: That's correct. Much in the same way that a prefilter extends the life of an air purifier's HEPA filter, the prefilters in the SAFEHome Air Return system extend the life of the gas phase/chemical filter to a full year. So with this kit you simply replace the prefilter every quarter and finish up by replacing the gas phase filter annually.

SafeHome System Air Return Filters Product Details

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