3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers Customer Q & A

3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers Product Details
Q1: Does this air purifier also eliminate vocs?

A: No. Some particles that make up smoke will be attracted to and retained by the filter media, but overall, it's not a very good filter media for VOCs. For that you'll typically want something with carbon to adsorb the chemical vapors.

Q2: i need something that will remove dust, how well does the large one capture dust. this is inportant to my wife,

A: Actually, this is where this model probably does best. When you replace the filter, you generally get to see the results - a filter that is often loaded with dust and other particles. For removal of other things like odors or chemical vapors, this model is NOT the right choice, but dust and particulate similar to this, it does well compared to other products in that price range.

Q3: How many hours it will work per day?

A: Typically people run these air purifiers 24/7. At this rate, you'll see about 3 months of use from each filter. Generally after three months the filter can hold no more particulate and needs to be changed. The times may vary a bit depending on the specific conditions in the room where it is running.

Q4: How often do the filters need to be replaced.

A: Every 3 months.

Q5: Does this unit work in controlling tobacco odors? I live in an apartment and odors are leaching in from the unit below.

A: To some extent yes. However, electrostatically charged filters like the Filtrete, are not nearly as effective at removing odors as units with activated carbon. Even units with activated carbon prefilters, like Honeywell air purifiers, will give you good results for low levels of odors and smoke.

3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers Product Details

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