Vanicream Sunscreens Customer Q & A

Vanicream Sunscreens Product Details
Q1: Does your sunscreen contain lanolin?

A: None of the Vanicream sunscreens contains lanolin.

Q2: Are your sunscreens biodegradable?

A: Yes.

Q3: Does this sunscreen contain nickel?

A: None of the sunscreen formulas contain any nickel.

Q4: My child is allergic to coconut. Do your sunscreens contain coconut? I have not found one that doesn't thus far.

A: They contain trace amounts of coconut derived products that have been very refined. Generally, these do not cause reactions, but as with any product in this instance, we always recommend that you spot test a very small amount depending on the severity of the allergic reaction. As a rule, most sunscreens contain varying degrees of coconut or coconut derivatives.

Q5: Is this safe for 13 month old with nut allergies?

A: The ingredients used are not made from any common sources e.g., peanuts and tree nuts such as almonds, cashews, or walnuts. Some shampoo or cleanser ingredients may be made from coconuts. However, coconuts are not actually nuts they are seeds. And age is not import since all Vanicream and Free & Clear products are safe for children. Depending on the severity of the allergy, you can always call customer service at 1-800-339-7123 and request a free sample.

Vanicream Sunscreens Product Details

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