Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers Customer Q & A

Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers Product Details
Q1: I have inherited a very nice bed, the only issue is the previous owner was a smoker. Which mattress encasing do you suggest I use to block the lingering smell of cigarettes? Thanks!

A: We don't have any fabrics that are going to block lingering odors. All will eventually allow any residual odors to pass through. I would suggest trying an odor removal product first, like a Vital Oxide, OdorX, or one of the EcoDiscoveries products. All can eliminate odors and have no fragrance. Plus, if you go with the Vital Oxide, it's a safe disinfectant without the harsh chemicals that are commonly found in ammonia or chlorine based disinfectants. Once you've done all you can to remove or neutralize odors, your next best option is actually going to be Allergy Armor Classic. The membrane in this fabric will help to seal away some remaining odor, at least better than our other fabrics would. Hope that helps!

Q2: what is the certified dust mite barrier consist of. Is there any finish or coating on the organic cotton that keeps the dustmites out

A: Organic cotton only. No coatings or finish as these would not be organic. The fabric relies upon two things to make it a dust mite barrier - a particular weave pattern that makes the material tight, and heat to shrink the average pore size down to the point where it blocks most of the dust mite allergen.

Allergy Armor Organic Pillow Covers Product Details

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