Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: Does it restart itself after a power outage?

A: If it was on before the power kicked out, it should resume when the power comes back on.

Q2: Can I hook this up to drain straight into my drain hole in my basement and have it on constantly?

A: Indeed! Simple attached the supplied hose and run the line to the floor drain. This is often the preferred option when gravity is on your side, since it elminates the need to empty the bucket.

Q3: Why is the fan running all the time? My older unit was turning off when the humidity was low.

A: The fan runs continuously to keep air circulating throughout the room. This is to provide a more even and thorough removal of moisture in the space where you have the Danby operating.

Q4: Does the fan run all the time even when the bucket if full?

A: No. About the only time the unit completely kicks off is when the power is out, when you set the time and it goes into Standby mode after it cycles off, and when the bucket is completely full. When full the unit goes into Standby mode until emptied then will resume at your previous settings.

Q5: How do I program the timer on my Danby dehumidifier ddr5009ree......what is meant by stand-by?

A: To program the unit to turn OFF at a certain time - While the unit is turned on, use your remote or press the button that looks like a clock. Then use the up and down arrows to adjust the hour. If you set it for 4, the unit will turn itself off in 4 hours. If you set it for 8, it will shut off in 8 hours OR, whenever the tank becomes full. This can be set for the unit to run for UP TO 24 hours or until the bucket is full. If you are using the direct drain option, you don't have to worry about the bucket filling. STANDBY MODE - While Danby does a poor job of stating this, Stanboy Mode is basically when the dehumidifier is plugged in but turned off. When the Danby 50 or 70 pint is plugged in but turned off, you can use the remote or the clock button to set a timer for when the unit will turn back on. So press that clock button, then use the arrows to select and hour from 0-24. If you set it for 4 hours, the dehumidifier will turn in at your last set humidity level in 4 hours. If you set it for 8 hours, it will turn on in 8 hours.

Danby DDR5009REE Premier Dehumidifier Product Details

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