Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Hi, is their a big difference between the vacuums WITH the hepa and the miele "sealed system" and the vacuums with the hepa but WITHOUT the "sealed system" for people with bad allergies to dust mites?

A: There is some difference and without the sealed system, and without it, you won't see the filtration results in which Miele vacuums far surpass comparable brands like Dyson, Riccar, SEBO, etc. For allergy and asthma sufferers your best choice is a sealed system vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum without the rubber seals and gaskets to seal the the pathway in which air flows through the vacuum can allow dirty air to mix, and for the best results, air should pass through the 9 ply Miele dust back and finally through the Active HEPA filter. So HEPA but no sealed system is good, but HEPA with a sealed system is best for allergy sufferers. All Miele S4, S5, and S7 vacuums come with the sealed system. The only models that do not are the S2 canisters.

Q2: Is this a good canister vacuum for the removal of cat hair?

A: This depends on two things, the type of flooring you are cleaning and if you are cleaning furniture as well. With the smooth floothing, pet hair is handled by any Miele vacuum with ease. If you are tackling some low to medium pile rugs or carpet you'll need to opt for, at a minimum, a model with the STB 205-3, like the Miele Capri. If the carpet is more subtantial, you would be better suited jumping up another level to the a Miele with the SEB 217-3, like the Miele Delphi. For upholstered furniture, the Miele STB 101 fits any Miele upright or canister. It comes standard only with the Miele Cat & Dog.

Miele Polaris Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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