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Dehumidifier Condensate Pump Product Details
Q1: I would like a dehumidifier to self vent the water - to do this without a pump I would need to put it on a shelf near the ceiling of the basement rather then the floor - will the unit be as efficient off the floor and if the hose runs to the outside yard - should I worry about it freezing in winter admittedly a season when it may not go on much?

A: In terms of efficiency, it might be slightly more efficient. There is always some temperature variation from floor to ceiling with the ceiling being slightly warmer, and warmer air will always hold more moisture than cooler air. More importantly though, as long as the dehumidifier is rated to cover the size of space you have, you shouldn't see any issues. Freezing shouldn't be a problem. First, as you mentioned, it likely won't run as much, so you'll have less chance of condensate freezing. Secondly, if you are using this condensate pump and supplied hose, when it kicks on it, pushing the water with a fair amount of force. Even if you rely simply on gravity to drain allow the moisture to flow down a hose and to the exterior of the house, it is going to be a slow, drip, basically the SAME thing that is recommended to actually keep your water pipes from freezing during the winter. With even just the slow drip, there is generally enough movement of water to keep it from freezing which is what you get more often when water is standing still in cold temps. It should be fine. The only thing to try to avoid is having a length of hose outside the home that is lying flat on the ground. If you string the drain line out a few feet, you open yourself up for water sitting in the line freezing, particularly if you are simply gravity draining the dehumidifier and not using a condensate pump. So in your case, with a pump or without, if set up properly, freezing should be only a small concern. Hope that helps.

Q2: I see the tubing it comes with is 20 ft long. I need tubing around 60-70 ft long. Is this an option and would the pump be able to handle that distance? Thanks Jim

A: You could purchase additional tubing from a local hardware store. How far you can push water vertically and horizontally are dependent on each other. The general rule with this Hartell condensate pump is for every 100' of horizontal push, you're going to lose 1' off of the max vertical push. The max this pump can push water vertically is 18'. So in your case, it's a safe bet that as long as you aren't pushing water MORE than 18 feet vertically, you will be able to also move the water 60-80' with no issues. You would only need to pick up the additional tubing needed. Hope that helps! If you are unclear, just give us a call.

Q3: Need a pump that I can drain my air conditioner to as well as a dehumidifier. Would this pump work to add ac unit as well as a 70 pint dehumidifier for drainage? Thanks!

A: More than likely, yes. I can't be certain b/c I'm not sure what the humidity is like in the space you are cooling/dehumidfying. But for both, this condensate pump should work fine. You'll have to make sure to angle cut both hoses that will be feeding the pump, but aside from that, you should be fine.

Dehumidifier Condensate Pump Product Details

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