Dri-Eaz DrizAir LGR 2000 Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Dri-Eaz DrizAir LGR 2000 Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: will this unit automatically restart when power is restored?

A: Yes. I think all Dri-Eaz models have that feature built in to them. So after and outage, they will come back on.

Q2: Is the condensate drain gravity fed or pump out? I would like to be able to run the drain line into a sink basin to drain which is 30" tall. Will this cause the water to back up and not drain out?

A: This model is discontined, but all Dri-Eaz dehumidifers have an internal condensate pump that will push the water out, anywhere from 15-20' or more with 5 to 10' of vertical lift. That will vary some by model. So long story short, no it won't cause a back up. We have them all listed as out of stock, but that is b/c Dri-Eaz inventory is so seasonal and weather dependent. Now the LGR2000 is discontinued but 2800, 3500, 1200 and Evolution should be in stock. We can confirm before you were to order.

Dri-Eaz DrizAir LGR 2000 Dehumidifier Product Details

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