Aprilaire 1710A Basement Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Aprilaire 1710A Basement Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: My house is approx. 3000 sq. ft. I am installing this unit in the crawlspace which is approx. 4 ft in height. Is this unit big enough to do the job? I live in Tennessee.

A: It'll be close, but very likely, yes. There are really only two things that might prevent it from performing at its best in a space that size - the severity of the moisture problem and air circulation. Typically, for a space that large, you might want an additional fan of some sort down there to keep air moving in that space. This would help to ensure the entire volume of air in the crawlspace is dried. If you have a severe moisture problem, like the house is located in a low spot where moisture settles, improper drainage, or a leak of some sort, you might have to go with two of these models to adequately dry the area. If nothing is unusual about the space, then the AprilAire will likely work. Hope that helps!

Q2: Just an FYI....I purchased an Aprilaire 1710A from you for my unheated cinderblock basemant, your website lits the operating conditions as from 40 to 105F, the owners manual of the 1710A list the operating conditions as from 50 to 105F. Because the basement is unheated, I could possibly fall below the 50F operating recommendation. My unit is running great, but I think your spec. page should reflect the 50F rather than the 40F you have listed. I appreciate your fast and courteous service. Sincerely, Craig Wuennecke

A: Thanks for pointing this out! This likely needs to be explained a little better on the page. Manufacturer specifications are sometimes NOT as accurate as you would hope. Danby, for instance, rates their 70 pint dehumidifiers for removing 70 pints of water per day. We have tested this model to far surpass that amount under more humid summer conditions. Conversely, they rate the model for several thousand square feet in terms of coverage. This, again is not accurate, as dehumidifiers are best rated in terms of air volume not square footage. Without proper air circulation there is little possiblity of the 70 pint being able to adequately dehumidify a space of a few thousand square feet. In terms of Aprilaire, the low temperature range is is for best performance. This does not mean the unit will not work in slightly lower temperatures, but the effectiveness does dip as the temperature s. Since they use a refrigerant based dehumidifying system, the higher the air temperature, the better this type of dehumidifier works. Generally around 40-41 degrees is where most types of dehumidifiers like this really dip in performance. As long as the temperature in that space stays above 40 degrees or so, the Aprilaire should be able to keep your humidity levels down. I hope that better explains things.

Aprilaire 1710A Basement Dehumidifier Product Details

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