Aprilaire 1770 Ductable Dehumidifier Customer Q & A

Aprilaire 1770 Ductable Dehumidifier Product Details
Q1: I'm building a home in Hilo on the ocean. I won't need a central heater or air conditioning unit. I understand with the Whole house Aprilaire system you need ductwork to pull the moisture out of the home. Does it matter if we don't have central air?

A: The AprilAire 1770 is built to tie into lines that supply air to the home heating or cooling ductwork. If you have no central heating or cooling, then I am seem to be missing something. Generally if the home does not have central heating or cooling it will not have the ductwork run throughout. I live in an older style home here in GA that lacks an HVAC unit and consequently lacks ductwork. However, if you will have ductwork installed during the build, you can certainly tie the 1770 into it. You may want to install a modular style blower. Depending on the size of this home, the Aprilaire will likely not be able to sufficiently circulate air throughout each room. A blower will push 4x or more the volume of air of the fan unit inside of the AprilAire 1770. So the blower would do the heavy lifting of circulating the air through your home while an integrated AprilAire 1770 dehumidifier would take care of the humidity. This type of blower can typically be purchased for around $300-$500 depending on what exactly you want.

Aprilaire 1770 Ductable Dehumidifier Product Details

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