Air-O-Swiss 7144 Ultrasonic Humidifier Customer Q & A

Air-O-Swiss 7144 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details
Q1: If I use distilled water, do I still need the EZCal?

A: Probably not. The only time you really need the EZCal is to remove any scale that's built up inside the unit tank and nebulizer compartment. Distilled water should be mineral-free and allow you to use the humidifier without having to worry about scale.

Q2: I am thinking of buying a AOS7144. Should I also buy EZCal? How long will one box last and do you think I need it with this model?

A: Yes. 3 Months Max. Yes. All AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers come with one packet of EZ-Cal in the box. If you plan on using this model for more than a couple weeks, it might not be a bad idea to buy a box of the EZCal. Each box comes with three packets, so you'll get three cleanings per box. How often you'll have to clean your unit will largely depend on the water you are using. Water with higher mineral content will tend to accumulate scale in the system quicker. Whereas, softer water will generally mean fewer cleanings. You should clean the unit at least once a month regardless of the water being used. The AOS 7144 will let you know, with an indicator light, when to clean the unit.

Air-O-Swiss 7144 Ultrasonic Humidifier Product Details

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