Swizz Style Fred Humidifiers Customer Q & A

Swizz Style Fred Humidifiers Product Details
Q1: How do you clean it? Gets crusty and the little ball is side is all crusty. Do you put anything in the water?

A: Yes, you can either buy a descaler like EZCal, which even though it's made by Air-O-Swiss, it will work in any humidifier. Or, you can check out the cleaning tips listed at the bottom this page for a simple solution you can mix up to clean your humidifier. http://www.achooallergy.com/humidifier-maintenance-guide-checklist.asp I also use a Fred at home, and use either EZCal or that vinegar/water mix. The way I clean it though is fill the tank, tighten the lid and shake it up, turn it on for just a couple minutes, just enough for the water to heat, then let it sit. Then maybe half an hour later, I turn it on again for a few minutes, let it sit, then rinse everything out. A small brush can also help, an old toothbrush even, to clear away any scale. Hope that helps!

Q2: How big is the tank? What happens to the minerals in the water?

A: The tank capacity is 3.6L 0.95 Gal. With boiler style humidifiers like this that lack adsorption/mineral pads, the mineral content remains in the humidifier. You can remove any scale build-up with a descaling agent like EZ-Cal or a homemade solution of vinegar and water.

Swizz Style Fred Humidifiers Product Details

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