Miele Classic C1 Titan Canister Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele Classic C1 Titan Canister Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: I am trying to decide between a Miele upright or a Miele canister. We have half carpeted areas and half laminate, no pets, minor allergies. I definitely want a powerbrush. I need a vacuum that will clean close to all edges, especially under the kitchen cabinet edges. Which models do you suggest? Thanks!

A: This will depend a little on the type of carpet you have. I would say that for medium pile carpet, I would lean towards a canister purchase. The only reason I say this is because for thicker carpet, you'll likely end up in a higher budget range, and that point, it may make more sense just to go with an upright. On smooth floors, any of the uprights work well. the suction is powerful and by turning off the brushroll, you can clean those laminate areas pretty easily. With the canisters, the results will be the same, if not a bit better. Though, I will say, the smooth floor tools included with the canisters are slimmer - easier to get under and around low appliances. If your carpet is low to medium pile, a Miele canister like the Titan may fit the bill just fine. It's priced in the middle of the range, offers both floor tools to suite your carpet and smooth flooring. It lacks the sealed system, but with mild allergies and no pets, the filtration will still surpass most HEPA vacuums sold at big box stores. I would probably look at the Miele Titan, Topaz and Libra, in that order.

Q2: I have owned 5 Miele vacuum cleaners. Are there any models with tools stored in machine and not on the hose? All the ones I had did, but the one I ordered last year did not.

A: Yes, all of the Miele S7 Upright vacuums come with accessories that integrate into the body. And, all Miele S5 canister vacuum cleaners come with separate tools that conveniently store "under the hood". The S4, S2 and upright stick vacuums all come with the VarioClip that attaches to the base of the hose.

Q3: Which of the miele vacuums have the closed system? best suction? best carpet piece?

A: All Miele S7, S5, S4 and upright stick vacuum cleaners have the sealed system. All four canister vacuums in the Miele S2 series lack this feature. Suction is the same for every Miele we offer EXCEPT the Miele sticks. Their suction is slightly lower since they carry a slightly smaller, 1000W motor. As far as carpet cleaning attachments are concerned, the SEB 236 and SEB 228 are the best two, electrically driven, carpet tools available. These two have powerful independent motors and a wider cleaning paths than others as well as height adjustment. The next tier would be SEB 217-3, ideal for low to medium pile carpet. You can get by cleaning some thicker or high pile carpet with this attachment, but if you have a lot of carpeting, opt for one of the larger powerbrushes. Last would be air-driven the STB 205-3 which again is best for low to medium pile carpet but lacks some of the power of electrically driven powerbrushes. The combo tool works well enough for low pile carpet or rugs but only uses suction no spinning brushroll.

Q4: Is the titan still good for those will allergies and asthma? I have HEPA filters that are running all time but thought a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters would be good too but I am confused. I have two cats and a boyfriend with allergies and asthma. Does the sealed system make that much of a difference?

A: If asthma and allergies are a critical concern for you, you'll want to steer towards a Miele vacuum with a sealed system. The rubber seal ensures no air leakage and that all air pulled through the unit is properly filtered. Take a look here to see an example of the difference between a Miele with a sealed system, HEPA filter and Active Air dust bag and other comparable vacuum cleaner models. Miele is the best at filtering some of the most penetrating fine particles .3-.5 microns. But the filtration standard that it meets EN1855 is dependent on all three pieces, HEPA filter, Active Air Clean dust bag, and the Sealed System.

Q5: I am trying to decide between the Miele Pisces or the Titan. I have no pets and mostly wood floors with low pile area rugs. Which one is the better vacuum for me?

A: The Titan is the top of the S2 line while the Pisces is the bottom of the S5 line, so while they are similar, there are a couple of main differences between the Pisces and Titan. While the Titan does give you the ability to use powerbrushes, this won't be as important to you since you have little carpet. The Titan lacks the sealed system that the Pisces has, and overall, the Pisces is a heavier built machine. The included turbrobrush with the Pisces should adequately handle the rugs and any carpet you have, and the included SBB 300-3 is larger than the smooth floor tool that comes standard with the Titan. The mini accessories that come with each, but the store conveniently under the hood of the Pisces while they attach via the Vario Clip, to the hose of S2 and S4 canisters. I only mention this because some people have complained about knocking them and the vario clip off while vacuuming. For you, either will work well on the flooring you described, it's just a matter of deciding on some small differences between the two.

Q6: Stuck between the Miele Titan and the Miele Libra. Any Suggestions? Thank you

A: The biggest difference, for most people, is price. However, Miele made a series of minor adjustments to bring the cost of the S2 models down. First, S2 vacuums lack a sealed system. So if allergies are a primary concern you may want to opt for the Libra. Second, like Miele S4 vacuums, the S2 models come with the vario clip to hold the mini accessories. Storing them under the hood, like with the S5 vacuums, isn't as awkward. Additionally, the parquet floor tool is a little smaller than the Twister that comes with the Miele Libra. The Libra also has the rubber bumper strip around the exterior of the canister and an extra slot to "park" the wand on the body of the canister. Overall, the differences are what you make of them. Many people are willing to sacrifice a few things here or there for a lower price while others are not. In the end, both are well constructed and will last you many years. Both will provide the same suction and VERY cleaning capabilities throughout your home.

Miele Classic C1 Titan Canister Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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