Organic Cotton Mask Customer Q & A

Organic Cotton Mask Product Details
Q1: I'm looking for an organic cotton mask or at least a natural fiber re-usable mask that would work in heavy duty construction scenarios like drywall and demo-ing lath and plaster ceilings and walls. Advice?

A: That's a tough go. The organic cotton masks do filter a variety of particles, including all visible particles and some microparticles. Their filtration is is always going to be less than that of a mask with a polypropylene filter media. The organic cotton mask by ICanBreathe is built heavier than the organic cotton masks by Vogmask. Both are reusable and washable. While it will help with much of the dust associated with the type of work you are describing, the ultra fine particles will pass through. If you want additional protections, you could possibly use the Vogmask inside of the ICanBreathe. I would likely try one one first though, before using both. You may find that one is enough. Hope that helps!

Q2: Will this filter out exhaust and perfume?

A: Not very well. Since the only filter media is the organic cotton, all it can mainly do is filter particles. For exhaust or perfume you'll want a mask some activated carbon/charcoal in the filter, so a Respro Techno or Allergy or Sportsta w/ optional chemical/particle fitlers, the RZ mask, the Honeycomb carbon mask or one of a couple 3M masks.

Q3: Will this work for dust mite allergies? I see that it filters dust but it wasn't specifying the mite portion. Just want to be clear.

A: This is going to be a bit hit or miss. With the organic cotton, the filtration ability is lower than the rest of the ICanBreathe masks. While it will block some of the dust mite allergen, there is a greater likelihood that some will still pass through. So, while it should help reduce your exposure, the basic organic cotton fabric cannot provide the same filtration as say an N95 or HEPA rated mask.

Organic Cotton Mask Product Details

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