Respro Sportsta Mask Customer Q & A

Respro Sportsta Mask Product Details

A: They're good at blocking fine particles EU equivalent of N95 rated that can aggravate COPD as well as nuisance levels of smoke and fragrance. The latter is something a regular N95 mask doesn't do. The valves do help with breathability. Overall, they're a very popular mask since they work well at blocking particles and odors/vapors and the look/style is better than most.

Q2: Are there any after-market attachments to make this look more like Bane's mask Batman reference? I mean, if you gotta wear a mask, let's have some fun with it, right?

A: I like the way you think! Unfortunately, no. There are some DIY instructions online for a Bane mask, but most that I found look like they require you punching holes in the mask. Personally, I have always thought that you could use an acrylic or fabric paint to put a set of spitfire-style teeth on the Techno mask. Keep us in mind if you make or find something that works with a Respro!

Q3: I am a roller derby player and a very sensitive asthmatic. Would this mask be able to filter out perfumes and scented body products while I play?

A: It should help, but you'll either want to go with the Techno mask or if you opt for the Sportsta, pick up the chemical/particle filters for it same filters as used in the Techno. The standard Sportsta filters lacks carbon so it won't as help much with smell of body spray, deodorant, or perfume. Good luck and keep those elbows sharp!

Q4: I suffer from bad Asthma and especially whilst exercising at high intensity i struggle to breathe at full capacity. Does the mask humidify the air and make it warmer when you breathe through it?

A: All masks we offer, including the Respro Sportsta, will trap some heat and moisture. None, even those with valves, allow those things to completely escape. So with use, the mask will warm some and retain some of the moisture you exhale, which means all will humidify the air being inhaled to some extent. The Sportsta allows more to escape, but in your case, if you are using it while exercising, that may be beneficial since the overall heat and moisture will be elevated much more with your respiration rate being higher than when at rest or doing more casual activities like walking, shopping, etc.

Q5: Does this mask come with filters, or do they have to be purchased separately?

A: One set are included with the mask. Every mask that uses replaceable filters we offer, comes with one initial set of filters.

Q6: My husband and I like to ride our side by side in the mountains. Sometimes the conditions are very dusty. I have asthma and a recent history of pneumonia. Will this mask help me in these situations?

A: The Sportsta will help filter out dust, particle allergens like pollen, mold spores, etc. and some chemical/gas pollutants. So while it can't do everything, it will help reduce the particle allergens and fumes you breathe in while riding.

Q7: Is this mask good for under my motorcycle helmet? I live in NYC, and the air is heavily polluted in midtown traffic.

A: Yes. The slim design and fit is made for motorcyclists, cyclists and other outdoor activity enthusiasts who need particle/allergen/pollution filtration.

Respro Sportsta Mask Product Details

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