Respro Sportsta Mask Customer Q & A

Respro Sportsta Mask Product Details
Q1: Does this mask come with filters, or do they have to be purchased separately?

A: One set are included with the mask. Every mask that uses replaceable filters we offer, comes with one initial set of filters.

Q2: My husband and I like to ride our side by side in the mountains. Sometimes the conditions are very dusty. I have asthma and a recent history of pneumonia. Will this mask help me in these situations?

A: The Sportsta will help filter out dust, particle allergens like pollen, mold spores, etc. and some chemical/gas pollutants. So while it can't do everything, it will help reduce the particle allergens and fumes you breathe in while riding.

Q3: Is this mask good for under my motorcycle helmet? I live in NYC, and the air is heavily polluted in midtown traffic.

A: Yes. The slim design and fit is made for motorcyclists, cyclists and other outdoor activity enthusiasts who need particle/allergen/pollution filtration.

Respro Sportsta Mask Product Details

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