Miele Libra Vacuum Cleaner Customer Q & A

Miele Libra Vacuum Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Will the Libra thoroughly clean a 4' x 6' Tibetan hand knotted wool area rug approximately 1/2" thick? All other surfaces are hardwood, tile or vinyl. And there is a domestic long haired cat, too! Thanks

A: It should, yes. The Miele Libra comes standard with the SEB217-3 which is typically sufficient when cleaning medium pile carpet even with pet hair. When you get into more dense carpeting or high pile carpet, it can still do the job but it can bog down a bit. For something that thick, you'll find that when you are pulling the powerhead back towards you, it not only cleans better but it moves across the carpet easier as well. Then the smooth floor tool will be plenty to clean the rest of your hard flooring.

Q2: Does a Libra accept a SEB 236 power brush? I might like the option of purchasing one later on.

A: Yes. The Miele Libra will fit any of the powerbrushes, including the SEB 236, SEB 228 and SEB 217-3

Miele Libra Vacuum Cleaner Product Details

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