Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray Customer Q & A

Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray Product Details
Q1: I recently had 2 fur jackets destroyed because I was told they were infested with mites can I spray all my coats and 2 more fur coats with your dust mite spray

A: Possibly. I would spot test first. Typically there are no problems with colors or fabrics, though fur is a bit unique in terms of care. That being said, there are many varieties of mites, and Dustmite X kills a fairly wide variety of them. With the cost per bottle is relatively low, I would likely test it for color safeness, and if everything seems ok, apply it to one coat to see if it makes a difference. Allow it to fully air dry before wearing or storing. Though I doubt there would be any issues for use on fur, I cannot say that definitively, as I've not had experience with using this product on fur, so the best solution would be a professional cleaner best bet is a furrier, not a typical dry cleaner. Hope that helps!

Q2: Is this product the same as your Dust mite & Flea Control in powdered form for mixing? and if so can I reuse this bottle for mixing the powdered product? Thank you.

A: Yes. It's basically the same product except the liquid version is already diluted/mixed. A lot of people do just what you describe, buy each, use the bottle first then continue to use the bottle with the powdered mix.

Q3: When spraying in the bedroom how important is it to avoid getting the spray on the bed.

A: Not very. It's non-toxic, gentle enough for pets and humans, and doesn't contain any ingredients that pose any sort of risk. Some people actually use the spray on the mattress, allow it to dry, then put the sheets back on. So, you should be fine. If you want, you can always wash the bedding that was sprayed, but it's probably not necessary.

Q4: My dog has recently been tested for allergies and shows +++ to dust mites. Which product do you recommend for an all-over house treatment carpets, wood floors, bedding...?

A: The Dust Mite and Flea Control Powder is your best bet. Granted, the pre mixed spray is convenient, but you get more for your money with the powder. Either are ideal though since you simply spray, allow to dry and vacuum. Then you're generally set for a couple months. The Xmite powder also works well but you use it as a powder, not mixed with water like the former. So this can make it difficult to use on furniture or surfaces other than carpet.

Q5: I have dust mite and cat/dog allergies, and am looking for a spray that I can use on furniture etc. I already use the bedding on my mattress and pillows and have hardwood and tile, so just looking for something that I can use on our cushy couches and that I can take when I travel I find my allergies are at their absolute worst when I'm sitting on someone else's couch, especially if they have pets. Basically I'm wondering what the difference is between Dustmite-X spray and Anti-allergen solution spray and if one would be better for me than the other? Also I noticed on the Dustmite-X spray page it says you get a free 3oz bottle of Anti-allergen solution with the purchase of an Ecology Works product but the same offer isn't on the Anti-allergen solution page? Thanks for any help you can provide!

A: The main difference is this. Anti-Allergen solution is meant to denature the proteins in allergens that cause allergic reactions. So not only will it denature things like dander but also dust mite feces and dead dust mite body parts. DustMite-X works a little different. It actually kills dust mites and prevents fleas from making a home of your carpet, upholstered furniture, etc. This product actually kills dust mites while Anti-Allergen solution denatures the proteins found in their feces and body parts that causes allergic reactions. If your allergies are to dust mites or to pet dander, I would suggest you go with the Anti-Allergen solution. If killing dust mites and inhibiting fleas is your goal, go with DustMite-X. Lastly, the promo is found on the DustMite-X spray just as a way to cross promote.

Q6: I am sensitive to perfumes, does this have a fragrance.

A: No.

Q7: Is your product safe and nontoxic for cats and people for immediate living or do you have to wait a while to come back to the rooms?

A: DustMiteX and Dust Mite & Flea Control powder are both completely safe, non-toxic and non-irritating to both humans and pets. There is no wait time other than the time it takes the DustMiteX spray to dry.

Q8: Will this product aggravate asthma or ezcema skin?

A: The main component is essentially an akaline salt. It has essentially no reactivity and is only a minor skin irritant at it's worst. I don't know if it would specifically aggravate eczema, but asthma - very unlikely. Should you use it on places like your bed, I would recommend spraying the mattress and allowing it to dry for 15-20 minutes then return washed sheets and bedding to the bed. And by washing the bedding in hot water or cold/warm water but with an anti-allergen detergent, you should see a reduction in dust mite related symptoms. You can also try to Anti-Allergen Solution. Most people use this product on their bed while using the DustMite X spray on carpeting and rugs.

Ecology Works Dustmite-X Spray Product Details

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