Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop Customer Q & A

Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop Product Details
Q1: Since the steam in a steam cleaner is so hot, if used on carpets will it fade the colors?

A: It shouldn't. However, as with any new cleaning agents or devices, test a spot first. The reason why it shouldn't is because you typically don't keep the steam cleaner in any given spot for more than a second or two at most. Colors will generally fade if the heat is consistent, longer, like in a washing machine full of hot water where the clothing is immersed in the heat for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Q2: If used on carpet, will it kill dust mites?

A: Yes. The steam is more than hot enough to kills dust mites if you move the head slowly across the carpet.

Q3: Can this steam cleaner be used on carpet? I have seen others advertise a "carpet glider". Is this safe, smart, etc?

A: Yes, with a glider or sole it can be used to deodorize and freshen up carpet. The amount of moisture is minimal and dry within minutes, so there is generally little concern over mold or dust mites developing. The heat, though, is enough to kill germs and release odors but should not damage carpet or flooring. We always recommend to test in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor.

Q4: what is the water tank made of? I have been reading that stainless steal is the best option. If this is not a stainless steal tank advise why this would still be a good investment. Thank you

A: Stainless stell IS the best option for boiler style steam cleaners. The tank on this model is made of aluminum with a stainless steel nozzle/spout. While boiler style steam cleaners should have stainless steel tanks to withstand the high temperatures and pressure, the Gruene uses the aluminum for a few reasons. First, the flash steaming system is more similar to that of a tankless water heater. The pressures are much lower than that found in a boiler. Second, the aluminum helps reduce the weight and allows the unit to remain nimble and easy to use. Lastly, the aluminum reduces the overall cost of the machine.

Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop Product Details

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