Reliable EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner Customer Q & A

Reliable EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Can you steam your mattresses and couches with this steamer. Will it leave them wet? Does the unit spit water at times. Will it kill bed bugs and dust mites?

A: Yes, you can use it on mattresses and furniture. It will leave them slightly damp, but the moisture will dry very quickly since the actual water content in the steam if very low. The unit may spit water when you initially start it up each time, but that is why it is best to purge the lines before each use. Cooled water in the line will cause the spitting and sputtering. Yes, it will kill both. The steam temperature at the tip far exceeds the temperature needed to kill bed bug or dust mites. For bed bugs, the steam would have to be directly on them for it to kill them though.

Q2: The "Reliable Tandem EV1" looks exactly like what I need. I'd like a carpet cleaner that will disinfect pet urine to prevent odors. I'm wondering if the "E3" would be just as effective for a much better price. I can't afford the "EV1." Thanks for your help!

A: Yes, either will help remove pet urine stains and odors. With the E3 you will have to use a cloth to absorb the soil that is loosened by the heat and steam while with the EV1, the vacuum function will suck up the moisture and soil that is loosened. As with any good steam cleaner, it will take a few treatments to fully release and extract any trapped odors or soil. I have found that even on hard surfaces I have a dog in the house, it took about 4 steam cleanings of the lineoleum before it stopped release the trapped odor of dog from the flooring.

Reliable EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner Product Details

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