PARI Vios Nebulizers Customer Q & A

PARI Vios Nebulizers Product Details
Q1: My daughter is in Spain and took the Paris vios greenwith her along with an adaptor and converter. She is having trouble getting it to consistently work and wanted to know if the machine was heat producing. Can u help me with this question?

A: Unfortunately the Vios is not made to be used outside the U.S., even with a converter. Using it outside the U.S. also voids the warranty. Their portable unit, the Pari Trek S, is the only machine we have that can be used outside the U.S.

Q2: How do I change the hose on the Pari VIOS Pediatric Nebulizer Kit?

A: The hose for the neb cup can be tricky but does disconnect from the cup and the compressor, then is just discarded. If you're having a problem getting it disconnected, try twisting as you pull. If they've been on their for a while, they can sometimes be a pain to remove. Once off, just push & twist the new one on. The hoses are often sold with the cup replacement kit, so it's not a bad idea to replace the actual cup as well, and if the old one seems to be working fine, keep it as a spare.

Q3: Hello, I have a PARI Vios nebulizer model#310Boooo can I use the nebulizer in Europe 220 Volt or do I need a transformer ?? Thanks Erik A.

A: I'm not familiar with that part number, but when it comes to the Pari compressors currently available, only the Pari Trek is built to be used in N. America and overseas. You would need a plug adapter, but it would work in Europe. As for the other VIOS models, Pari has 220v models available, but the 110v models sold here would probably not work in Europe. Like other electrical appliances, you can often use a converter, but there are two problems with it. Using a converter can often lead to the appliance motor/compressor burning up, and you always void the warranty when use it with a converter. Hope that helps!

Q4: We have the Pari Vios from Walgreens and need to replace the neb cup as the indicator reads "now". Where can I order these time stips from? help!

A: Have you already purchased the replacement cup? In the packaging with the cups should be a sticker type device with a small bubble on it. You stick it to the nebulizer, press the small bubble and after about six months the indicator will be full, telling you that you need to replace the cup. I'm not aware of anywhere that sells those indicators separately as they should be in the replacement cup package.

Q5: I am using PARI Vios nebulizer model#310Boooo since 12/2010 and have never replaced tubing,mask&filter, is it in order? If it needs to be changed or washing with anti bacterial soap is this model # not in current sale list If these parts are due for replacement from where to get them.

A: The parts are very likely due for replacement. Typically you can wash them in warm water with a mild soap and get up to six months of use out of them. In most medical facilities, they use those replaceable items for much shorter periods of time. The hose, mask and cup are almost always interchangeable, so replacing them shouldn't be an issue. Most of the nebulizers themselves are constructed such a way that the same tube, cup and mask that you can find online will fit older models.

PARI Vios Nebulizers Product Details

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