Pure Guardian H4600 / H4500 Humidifiers Customer Q & A

Pure Guardian H4600 / H4500 Humidifiers Product Details
Q1: my model h4500 only puts out a small amount of vapor. is there a possible blockage internaly ,or could I use a diluted clr solution?

A: I would try descaling and cleaning as you alluded to, first. There's really little chance of some sort of blockage as water drains into the nebulizer compartment from the tank. Unless you're getting the low water indicator to appear, or the nebulizer compartment looks to be low on water each time you remove the tank, it is likely getting plenty of water. So unless there either a problem with the small internal fan or the ultrasonic diaphragm, there's not much else that could be malfunctioning. Of course, it could always be a electrical/control problem to where the it's not actually changing mist levels as you adjust it. With all that being said, it should just be a cleaning issue. Hope that helps!

Q2: Hi I have the older model Pureguardian H4500 humidifier and i am wondering if there is somewhere in the humidifier where I can pour some Inhalant to provide vapors. I know I am not supposed to pour it into the tank, but is there somewhere to place this? Thank you.

A: None of the Pure Guardian models have the ability to use a vapor inhalant or essential oils. The evaporative models, like the Oskar by Stadler Form as well as the steam models like the Air O Swiss S450 have this ability, but the vast majority of ultrasonic humidifiers do not - mainly, because of the type of technology used and design, there's few good ways to accomplish it without the substances being introduced into the same water that the diaphragm sits in.

Q3: Does the Germ Guardian H4500 Ultrasonic Humidifier produce the white dust that some others do? Thank you.

A: Every ultrasonic humidifier is capable of producing a white dust. The main determinant is what type of what you use and if the unit has something to trap hard minerals. If you have hard water, you need to use a humidifier that has a demineralization cartridge, or mineral pad, and remember to change it regularly. For units like the Germ Guardians, that lack this cartridge, use distilled water and you should be fine. The white dust is simply minerals found in hard water that have been pushed out into the air with the mist. If you do not have hard water, there's really not much to worry about other than regularly cleaning the unit.

Q4: The "tear" light stays on flashing, will not restart.

A: The tear shaped indicator light on a Germ Guardian humidifier means the tank is low or empty. If you refill the unit then properly reseat the tank on the base, it should go away. If you refill the unit and the light remains, unplug the humidifier for about two minutes. Then plug the humidifier back in and restart the machine. If the problem is still not remedied, please contact customer service.

Pure Guardian H4600 / H4500 Humidifiers Product Details

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