Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Vapor Cleaner Customer Q & A

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Vapor Cleaner Product Details
Q1: Can I use the Vapamore Primo to clean and kill dust mites in my upholstered furniture?

A: Yes. The heat generated will be enough to kill dust mites, so any within the top few centimeters of the exterior of the furniture should be killed. The penetration of the heat/steam will vary depending on what material the furniture is made of. The further it penetrates, the better it will kill.

Q2: I want to use tap water. How will that work with this model?

A: It will work just fine! Most people simply use tap water. As part of regular maintenance you will want to use a descaler every so often to remove any scale that may build up. Generally though, using tap water is fine and actually preferable to "softened" water. Most traditional water softeners use sodium ions to displace mineral content, and sodium is harder on the stainless steel boiler than hard water minerals.

Q3: Some very expensive machines say pressure is 65-72. Vapamore Primo says pressure is 3.5 bar how does that compare. Also, what is a quiet dBA since this machine says 30 dBA. Thanks.

A: 3.5 Bars is 50.75 PSI. So it's close but slightly less. One thing to remember though with steam pressure is that it's not so much the actual amount as it is the consistency. Consistent pressure means you have a steady flow of steam. Pressure is created in any boiler type system whether a steam cleaner or an industrial boiler by heating water in a confined space. As the water heats the water molecules expand as they turn gaseous. This expansion exerts outward pressure as it attemps to find equilibrium. Steam pressure quickly dissipates as it is released from the boiler through the nozzle, but as long as the pressure in the tank can remain fairly steady, you'll receive a steady flow of hot steam from the machine. Very high pressures simply increase the force through which the steam leaves the nozzle, but steam cleaners do not use force as their primary mechanism of cleaning. The heat from the steam is the key ingredient. Hope that helps! 30 Decibels is roughly equivalent to a whisper in a quiet library, so placed in a typical household setting, you likely won't hear the unit while it is operating.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Vapor Cleaner Product Details

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