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Miele HomeCare Kit Product Details
Q1: Does the Miele Mattress Tool clean mattresses better than just using the smaler uphostery tool that comes with the Marin? Or than the Extra Wide Uphholstery Tool? I own a Miele Marin canister vacuum and I am considering purchasing some accessories, but I am unclear on the value of the Extra Wide Upholstery Tool vs. the Mattress Tool. I want to vacuum my couch, car, and matress.

A: There similar but different in three regards. The Wide Upholstery tool has longer felt strips, so it's a little better at working loose ground in mess or hair. It's wider than the Mattress Nozzle, so the suction isn't as focused, but being wider allows it to cover more area on something smooth and flat, like a mattress, faster. The flipside is the Mattress Nozzle, since it is more narrow, has more focused suction, and has a slimmer profiler, so between cushions or in the crack where vertical portion of the seat in a vehicle meets the horizontal portion, it will perform better than the wider tool. For the mattress, I would say either tool would work well, for between cushions, crevices and cracks, the Mattress Nozzle is a better option. If it's mainly exteriors, like cushions, mattress tops and side, the top of seats, the wide upholstery tool is likely going to be more useful. The included upholstery tool is actually fairly slim. Ultimately, you may be able to just go with the wide upholstery tool and pair it with your existing accessory since it or the included crevice tool would perform as well in crevices and cracks and narrow spaces. The wide upholstery tool would simply allow you to finish bigger jobs, like a couch or mattress, faster than the included upholstery brush. Hope that helps!

Q2: Which of the following accessory sets are compatible with the Miele S7 Upright vacuum cleaners? Home Care Kit, Car Care Kit, Cat/Dog Kit and Micro Care.

A: All three! The only components in any of these kits that cannot be used with the S7 uprights are the hose extension and the odor cap in the cat & dog kit. I believe the filter in the Cat & Dog Kit is for the S5/8/6 models though, not the S7/2 models, so in general that would probably not be a good option for an S7 since the cap and filter do not fit, leaving only the STB 101 and crevice tool as the solely compatible tools. Hope that helps!

Q3: Can you hand wash brush and floor attachments with mild soap and water?

A: For the mini attachments included in the HomeCare kit, there's no problem with washing them as you described. For actual floor tools, I would avoid getting any felt wet same applies for the mattress tool or getting water/soap in any moving parts, but other than that, it shouldn't be a problem.

Q4: SFS 10 - Suction hose extension provides improved reach suitable ONLY for straight suction, non-electric Miele canister vacuum cleaners - Based on this description, does this extension fit the S5 and new S8 vacuum cleaners with electrified hoses.

A: Only two. The only vacuums from those lines that will work with the hose extension is the new S8 Calima and S5 Pisces nearly identical models. The S8 Alize is straight suction, BUT, because of the deluxe ergonomic handle w/ spotlight, the hose extension will not fit this model.

Miele HomeCare Kit Product Details

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