Permatron Vent Filters Customer Q & A

Permatron Vent Filters Product Details
Q1: Do these go on the outside or do I need to open the vent and put them in?

A: Either will work. Many people find it difficult to put them on the inside due to the louvers that are often located on the back/underside they often move and allow you to direct airflow or close the vent. On the outside or inside, both ways will offer the same filtration. If you can get them in and you mostly keep the vent in the open position. those louvers should actually help to keep the filter up towards the top of the vent and not allow it fall back/down into the ductwork.

Q2: Would these filters work to block cigarette smoke? I live in an apartment building and share a vent with a chain smoker.

A: No. While they will attract and trap some of the particles that make up smoke, they are not an effective smoke or odor barrier/filter. For that you will likely want to look at something with activated carbon. Or, if your budget allows, look into an air purifier with carbon filters, to locate near the vent to filter the air as it is coming into the room.

Permatron Vent Filters Product Details

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