Mulberry West Comforters Customer Q & A

Mulberry West Comforters Product Details
Q1: If I'm allergic to Mulberry pollen, will I be able to use this product?

A: Probably. Despite the sound of the name, there is no Mulberry in this product. The reason the term "Mulberry" is used is because the worms that produce the silk are fed Mulberry leaves. Silk varies largely by what worm produces it and what diet the worm has during production. So while they ingest the leaves, it is unlikely the protein allergen responsible for your reactions actually passes through their system without being metabolized or at least altered in some way through digestion.

Q2: Are the Mulberry West blankets and comforters washable?

A: It is not recommended that you machine wash Mulberry West blankets and comforters. Silk is a delicate fabric, and machine washing can be damaging. You can spot clean the cotton exterior, but to freshen them up, it's recommended that you simply place them outside in sunlight for several hours.

Mulberry West Comforters Product Details

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