Germ Guardian AC5000 HEPA Air Purifier

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AC5000 Air Purifier
Item#: GG0007
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Buy Germ Guardian AC5000 Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC5000 HEPA Air Purifier

Germ Guardian AC5000 is AHAM CertifiedGerm Guardian is proud to introduce the new AC5000 HEPA air purifier. This tower style air purifier fits easily into any room in your home and delivers true HEPA particle filtration. In addition to eliminating allergens, dust, and dander, the AC5000 is equipped with a UV-C light to target thin walled microbes like bacteria and viruses. The UV light also works to activate the photocatalytic component of the combination HEPA filter and Titanium Dioxide, to degrade odor molecules caused by smoking, pets and cooking. Overall, you receive 3 layers of filtration to help keep you and your family feeling and breathing better!

Germ Guardian AC5000 Product Features

  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Easy to Use
  • True HEPA Filtration
  • Combo HEPA Filter includes odor & microbial protection in addition to common particle pollutants
  • UV Protection - 8W UV Bulb
  • Attractive Tower Design
  • Low Energy Consumption - 60W
  • 5 Year Warranty

Product Reviews

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  Good for the price
Reviewed by:  from Mississippi

Perhaps an older model was evaluated by the editor. I just purchased the AC5000 and it does have a filter and UV replacement indicator light. The red power light will blink when it is time to replace the filter and the blue UV indicator light will also blink when the uv light needs replacement. Pros: Cheap and easily portable. Cons: The fan is loud when on medium and high. Also has a strong chlorine-like smell when using the UV light.
Reviewed by:  from 

Easy to use.
  Affordable for Major Allergy Comfort
Reviewed by: Diagnosed Severely allergic to dust mites from NYC, New York

I've had this air purifier for almost a year I bought it in dec 2013. It's working as well as day 1, the outside is easy to clean, the large particle filter is east to clean and put back. I can let it run for hours and hours, even days at a time and never had any kind of problem. I can sleep with it on, the sound is soothing and steady. I wake up feeling with a clarity you can't get with just taking OTC allergy meds.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Will this filter reduce mold if used in conjunction with a dehumidifier?
A: Yes, but... I would likely use a different air purifier though, especially if the space is anything larger than a small bedroom. Though the filter will trap things like mold spores and reducing the humidity should keep active mold growth in check, this model simply doesn't have as powerful of a fan or as much HEPA filter media as a lot of other models. The Whirlpool AP250 is a more rectangular unit but has a filter that is about 2x as large. A Honeywell might be an good alternative too that is roughly in the same price range. Hope that helps!

Q2: What size room area do they service? How much are the filters and how obtainable are they ? Do you expect more in stock ?

A: 200 sq. ft., and filters are $40. They're not difficult to find amongst online stores anyways, and we typically keep them stocked along with replacement UV bulbs for this unit.

Q3: Does this model put out ozone gas? How loud is this unit while set to clean a 200 Sq. Ft. room?

A: No ozone emissions. The sound will be somewhere in the ballpark of 55-60 dBa. As a comparison, roughly the noise a box fan makes on medium speed. Hope that helps!

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Germ Guardian AC5000 Air Purifier Reviews

Germ Guardian AC5000 Air Purifier

As the newest model of HEPA air purifier we have added to our offering, I was interested in testing Germ Guardian's take on air filtration. With a solid reputation in UV devices and home humidifiers, Germ Guardian now offers a true HEPA air purifier for small to mid size rooms. Capitalizing on the attractive tower design, the Germ Guardian AC5000 HEPA air purifier is an inexpensive way to keep your family breathing better and your home smelling fresher. With a sample model in tow, I broke this model down, and here is what I found.

What I like about the AC5000 HEPA Air Purifier

Like other air purifiers I have tested, the Germ Guardian AC5000 is built around the attractive tower style design. This fits best for most people in that it leaves only a small footprint in whatever room you decide to place it. Aside from the slim, tower design, this air purifier is also very lightweight. And with a convenient carrying handle, you can easily move this unit from room to room.

The filtration quality was right in line with similarly priced models. The HEPA filter is true HEPA filter that will capture 99.97% of particle pollution 0.3 microns or larger, and a foam pre-filter captures large particles like pet hair and dust bunnies. The addition of the UV-C bulb is a step up from many comparable models, and Germ Guardian is one of the first manufacturers to adopt photocatalytic technology. Activated by the UV light, Titanium Dioxide found in the combo HEPA filter works to break down odor molecules found in cigarette smoke, pet odor and other common household odors.

Unlike some air purifiers in this price range, filter replacement is recommended for every six months. For some people this period will be longer if you are not using the machine as much. The pre-filter is removable, so you could wash it, but I would recommend simply vacuuming off the exterior every month or two to keep captured debris from impeding air flow. When it is time to replace the filter, you really only have this one combo filter to purchase. So instead of 3 filters (pre-filter, HEPA, and carbon filter), you get make one purchase and get everything you need.

Cost is an increasingly important factor, but the Germ Guardian AC5000 is priced very closely to comparable HEPA air purifier models.

What I didn't like about the AC5000 HEPA Air Purifier

As with an air purifier, there is always room for improvement. First, a filter change indicator would be a bonus. This unit lacks that, and while most are simple time based counters, a blinking red light usually helps catch our attention and remind us to replace the filter.

Second, the UV-C light is a bonus, but please do not expect this to sterilize the air in your home. Low wattage UV lights do not normally kill microorganisms with a single pass. While some microbes with thinner cell walls will certainly be effected or neutralized, hardier germs and microbes will largely be un-phased by a quick dose of UV. This, however, is true for nearly all residential air purifiers equipped with UV light. All I'm really saying is, be reasonable with expectations when it comes to UV lights in home air purifiers.

Overall, I really like the Germ Guardian AC5000 air purifier. The particle filtration is best suited for small to medium sized bedrooms. Dorm rooms, nurseries, and home offices are ideal locations for this models since it takes up little floor space and is largely unobtrusive. This HEPA air purifier is priced well and very easy to use. Filter replacement is simple and relatively inexpensive.

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Germ Guardian AC5000 Detailed Specifications

Recommended for: Allergy & Asthma sufferers who need a quiet, efficient particle filtration w/ added benefit of UV
Maximum Room Size 200 sq. ft.
Filter Description: HEPA w/ Photocatalyst
Pre-filter: Foam
HEPA Filter: Yes
Carbon Filter: Yes, w/ Titanium Dioxide (Photocatalyst)
UV Light: Yes
Filter Replacement: Combo HEPA Filter - 6 mo.; UV - 1 Yr.
Remote: No
Interface Control Type: Dial Controls, Push Button UV
Speeds / Settings: 3
Dimensions: 28"H x 7"W x 10.25"D
Weight: 10.53 lbs.
Filter Replacement: Combo HEPA Filter - 6 mo.; UV - 1 Yr.
Remote: No
Power Consumption: 60 Watts
Wheels / Casters: No
LCD Display: No
Programmable Timer: No
Filter Change Indicator: No
CADR: 120 - Smoke
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
Approvals: AHAM Certified, CSA

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Germ Guardian AC5000 Air Purifier
AC5000 Air Purifier (Item#: GG0007) $149.99

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