Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier

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Honeywell 50150
Item#: HW0007
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Buy Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier

This Honeywell 50150 air purifier is great for use in the nursery, bedroom, or office. The True HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles and never needs replacement is cost-saving yet still effective. Ideal for localized air purification, this unit provides relief from symptoms associated with exposure to the most common allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.

The Honeywell glass-fiber HEPA material helps remove airborne particles, viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals or other treatments. It also includes an activated carbon pre-filter to help remove larger airborne particles and reduce common household odors including smoke. The patented 360 degree air intake and discharge maximizes efficiency, circulating and filtering the air up to 5 times an hour for the recommended room size.

The permanent HEPA filter greatly reduces costs over the life of this Honeywell HEPA air purifier. The only maintenance costs associated with this unit is literally pennies a day to use, and the cost to replace the activated carbon pre-filter every 3 months.

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Product Features

  • True HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.
  • Permanent glass-fiber HEPA filter can be vacuumed and never loses effectiveness.
  • Reduces airborne germs like viruses and bacteria.
  • Intelli-Check electronic filter clean reminder means no-hassle maintenance.
  • Activated carbon pre-filter helps reduce odors and trap unwanted vapors.
  • Patented 360 degree air intake and discharge means clean air fast and consistently.
  • Three different cleaning power levels.
  • Five-year limited warranty.

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Customer Reviews

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  Does the trick
Reviewed by: Snoring away in Wisconsin from 

My doctor suggested I try a HEPA filter to aid in sleeping. This unit is bulky--the 3' suggested clearance was not easy to achieve--but very functional and the quiet setting is like a white noise machine. It works great.
  Alergery Relief
Reviewed by: Donna Hight from Tacoma, WA

The Honeywell 50150 is working much better than expected. It runs 24/7 and the grand daughter has not sneezed or coughed since the second day it was running. Thank you so much for a quality product.
  Breathing Improvement
Reviewed by: An Allegy Sufferer + from Mesa, Arizona

It has been a number of years since I had the use of a filtering system in my bedroom. Upon my doctors advise I bought the Honeywell HEPA. It is an absolute pleasure to feel I can breath more clearly and not wake up with a constant runny nose and thick throat. It has made my sleep a more restful experience for sure! We live in a very dusty place, too, so this machine has been a life-saver.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Is this a noise machine? I need some noise which help me sleep Thanks

A: Actually this would be a very good model for you. In general, the Honeywell units produce a little more noise than many of the air purifiers we offer, particularly on the lower settings. On high, any air purifier is going to be fairly loud, think of a box fan around medium/high speed. On lower speeds though, the Honeywell does produce a little more noise than others, so in terms of white noise, it's a decent unit. I would say start with medium and go from there. Hope that helps!

Q2: Would you recommend the Honeywell 50150 for someone suffering a pet dander allergy? If not, what do you recommend? Thank you.

A: For dander, yes that model would work fine, depending on the size of the space you're talking about. Typically this model is best for small to medium size bedrooms, and for it to be most effective, you'll want to try to keep the pet out of that area. If the pet hasn't been in that space, then really any of the HEPA air purifiers will work well. Just match the model and coverage with the size of your room square footage. If the pet has been in the room, it gets a little trickier since dander will likely be on/in any carpet or upholstered furniture in the room. Particularly troublesome is cat dander. It is smaller than dog dander, but more importantly, it's "sticky". It tends to adhere to everything. Walls, carpet, furniture... very difficult to get rid of once you have it throughout a room. Hope that helps!

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 Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Reviews

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier

The Honeywell 50150 air purifier is a midsize unit servicing areas up to 235 sq. ft. While more compact than the 50200 or 50250, this model still offers true HEPA filtration and an activated carbon pre-filter to trap odors and clean the air. I purchased two of these units and several pre-filters for my fathers home, placing one in his den and the second in his bedroom. Both he and I were pleased with the results.

What I liked about the Honeywell 50150

The filtration of this model greatly improved the air quality of both of the rooms in which it was placed. Unfortunately, my father still smokes, but upon my most recent visit home, I was greeted by only a faint hint of cigarette smoke in the den. Be it that the house is a very old farm house, dust is constantly a problem, but since placing the second unit in his bedroom, both of my parents said they have slept better.

It is compact, portable and light and can be placed nearly anywhere in the home. Unlike purifiers with heavier steel frames, the plastic housing of this unit is sturdy without the additional weight.

As with many purifiers, the Honeywell 50150 is very simple to use. After opening the units and wrapping the pre-filter around the HEPA, we placed the units in their respective places and set them on low. This model also comes with an Intelli-Check filter indicator to let us know when to replace the filter.

What I did not like about the Honeywell 50150

For maximum filtration it is ideal to run the unit on high, but it can be a little loud when set on the medium or high settings. Secondly, the filter is supposed to be a lifetime HEPA that you vacuum out twice a year. While vacuuming will certainly extend the life of the filter, many people find that they do have to eventually replace it. The filter that comes with the unit initially is one large HEPA filter, but when it does come time to replace it, you have to purchase two smaller, stackable filters.

The 50150 is a great air purifier for a small to medium sized room. It provided the HEPA filtration and odor removal we needed without a great deal of expense. The Honeywell 50150 air purifier worked well in my fathers dusty, old farmhouse, and its ease-of-use as well as its compact size make this model an ideal fit for most of the rooms in your home.

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Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Detailed Specifications

Recommended For: Bedroom, living room, playroom or other small room.
User Profile: Allergy and asthma sufferers who need localized air purification with quiet operation
Maximum Room Size (6 air exchanges per hour): 235 sq. ft.
Filter Description: Permanent 99.97% True HEPA filter
Pre-filter: Activated Carbon
Filter Change Indicator Sensors: Yes
Mold Removal: Yes
Odor Control: Some
Dust Removal: Yes
Dimensions: 18" H x 18" W x 15" D
Weight: 18 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
CADR Ratings from AHAM: 150 Dust - 150 Smoke - 150 Pollen

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Additional Resources

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Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Warranty Information

5 Year Limited Warranty

Honeywell 50150 Air Purifier Availability

Honeywell 50150 (Item#: HW0007) $159.99

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