Hunter QuietFLO 30736 Air Purifiers

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Hunter 30736 True HEPA


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Hunter QuietFLO 30736 Air Purifier

The Hunter 30736 HEPA air purifier takes a more modern step forward with design and functionality. This tower style air purifier features true HEPA filtration of 99.7% of all particles 0.3 microns in size and smaller and reduces smoke and odors with an activated carbon pre-filter. The two stage filter process captures dust, pollen, pet dander and other common allergens. This sleek air purifier is ideal for most rooms and has a very small footprint relative to its purifying capacity.

The 30736 air cleaner also features an optional ionizer that does not create ozone, and a full array of digital controls mounted around and LCD screen are standard with this unit. With a constant digital monitoring of HEPA filter and pre-filter life, the Hunter 30736 ensures you won't miss a filter change and will keep your air purifier running at its best.

Hunter QuietFLO 30736 Air Purifier Product Features

  • Digital Controls with LCD Screen
  • Digital Filter Life Indicators
  • True HEPA Filter for removal of 99.97% of particulate pollutants 0.3 microns and larger
  • Activated carbon pre-filter for removal of odors and fumes and capture of hair and other large particles
  • Durable ABS plastic shell
  • Three speeds with optional ionizer
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient motor
  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Attractive Tower design
  • Effective for areas up to approximately 200 square feet

Hunter QuietFLO 30736 HEPA Air Purifier Product Reviews

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  Great product! Great Price
Reviewed by: Sara from IL

Yes, it sounds like a bathroom fan but this is so much quieter than other brands. I love the digital screen. It is quite tall, but takes up little floor space. I notice a lot less dust on surfaces.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: C. Crouse from New Orleans, Louisiana

I purchased this purifier after moving in with my boyfriend who is allergic to cats - I have 3. He said he noticed a reduction in symptoms within an hour of use. It works great, and I would highly recommend it to others!
  HUNTER 30736

I nearly made a major mistake when I first set out to buy an air purifier and I would have wound up with something that not only couldn't do the job, but in some cases, can even be harmful. I had one of these 'sub-units' all picked out and was about to pay for it when I happened along a link that brought me to one of the few true experts in the 'science' of air purifiers. That in turn, led to me changing my order and going to Achoo Allergy for some real expertise. The Hunter 30736 Quiet Flo True HEPA Tower Air Purifier was the results! This purifier is great for those who are dealing with a pretty tight budget. It has a small footprint and will handle almost 200 square feet. It also has many features that are typically found in some of the more expensive, larger units. The performance was noticeable within a day. Typically we have to dust our 1200 square foot apartment every 3 days. I don't know why, but somehow the apartment allows the entrance of a lot of dust. I placed the Hunter 30736 in the 165 square foot 'office room' that has all our computers and large photo printers as well as many of my freshly printed photo art. I closed the doors that connected that room to the rest of the apartment and the amount of dust that was left on the equipment after 3 days was barely perceptible! Usually by then, I would have to dust the office without fail. It's a little noisier than the more expensive models when it's running in the 'day7 time' mode but it also has a 'sleep' or nighttime mode in which it is very quiet. On the other hand it has a 'Turbo' mode that when chosen, will run for 90 minutes and then automatically step down to the day mode and that one is pretty loud. I use that mode every time I dust so that it catches anything I stirred up. I strongly recommend the Hunter 30736 to anyone who is trying to control the dust and allergens in their home. I personally am about to purchase at least 3 more of these Hunters for the remaining rooms in our home!

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Hunter Air Purifier Reviews

Hunter QuietFlo 30736 HEPA Air Purifier
The Hunter QuietFlo 30736 is a HEPA air purifier built in the popular "tower" style. This gives the unit a very small footprint, and with a neutral design, it fits into most decors without taking up much floor space. With standard HEPA filtration, the unit works well for allergy and asthma sufferers who do not need a great deal of smoke or odor filtration. And for the cost, the Hunter 30736 fits into most budgets.

What I like about the Hunter 30736 Air Purifier
As with most Hunter air purifiers, the filtration is the centerpiece of this unit. The HEPA filter captures 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns and will trap some particles as small as 0.1 microns. This filtration rivals that of some of the best in the business.

In line with several more expensive brands, the Hunter 30736 features all digital controls. A small LCD screen displays not only the current fan setting but also indicates how much filter life remains for the unit. This is displayed as a percentage for both the HEPA filter and pre-filter. There are two basic fan speeds with an additional "Turbo" function where the CFM increase dramatically. Like many Blueair air purifiers, this air purifier has an optional ionizer that, also like Blueair, does not produce ozone.

Thought slightly louder than some models the noise relatively quiet on low, more in line with a small fan on medium, and much louder when the turbo feature is in use. The filters are easy to replace. While the HEPA filter does most of the heavy lifting, as far as air filtration is concerned, the activated carbon pre-filter does trap provide you some measure of odor and smoke control while trapping pet hair and lint.

The five year warranty is standard and in line with more expensive models, and the price if initial cost if considerably less than the bigger name brands.

What I did not like about the Hunter 30736 Air Purifier
If you need smoke/odor/VOC filtration, this unit is likely not the best fit for you. Though the activated carbon pre-filter does trap some odors and smoke, it is small compared to more expensive models with literally pounds of activated carbon contained within their filters.

Perhaps it was just me, but removing the front cover wasn't as easy as I expected. This, though, could be a positive in that at least small children wouldn't easily be able to open the unit and stuff a grilled cheese sandwich in there.

All in all, the Hunter 30736 is an excellent air purifier for someone who needs HEPA quality particle filtration and wants the convenience of digital controls. The HEPA filter life is approximately 1 year while the pre-filter should be changed about every 3 months. The initial cost is attractive, and the tower design remains one of the most popular styles today.
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Hunter QuietFLO 30736 HEPA Air Purifier Detailed Specifications

Hunter QuietFlo 30736 HEPA Air Purifier Our Price:
Recommended For: Small Bedrooms, Living rooms and Nurseries
6 air changes per hour
190 sq. ft.
Filter Description: HEPA Filter
Pre-filter: Activated Carbon
Average Filter Life: 1 Year
Pre-filter Life: 3 Months
Air Intake: Front of Unit
Air Outflow: Top of Unit
Ozone Emission: No
Filter Change Indicator: Digital Indicators
M.C.S.: No
Smoke Removal: Some (Pre-filter)
Mold Spore Removal: Yes
Odor Control: Some (Pre-filter)
Dust Removal: Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: No
Second Hand Smoke Removal: Some
Interface Control Type: Digital 3 Speed w/ LCD Screen
Dimensions: 11"L x 10" W x 30" H
Shipping Weight: 19 lbs.
Weight: 16 lbs.
Housing: ABS Plastic
Fan Speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
CADR Ratings from AHAM: Smoke - 127; Dust - 127; Pollen - 127
Approvals: UL & CSA

Hunter Air Purifier Additional Resources

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Hunter Air Purifier Warranty Information

Five Year Limited Warranty

Hunter Air Purifier Availability

Hunter 30736 True HEPA (Item#: HU0002) (Discontinued)

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