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Primaloft Down Alternative Comforter

Primaloft comforters replicate the dreamy softness and warmth of down without the allergens. Sink into bed at night with this cozy comforter knowing you will sleep soundly and allergy-free. Its fluffy loft provides quality insulation that is light as a feather but without the quills that can prick and poke, common in cheaper down bedding. With sewn-in loops for use with your choice of decorative duvet cover, this medium-weight comforter will be comfy all year round.

Primaloft Comforter Product Features

  • Primaloft Synthetic Down is Soft and Warm but LightweightSuitable for use with duvet cover or by itself
  • Medium weight for year round use
  • Smooth 230 thread count ticking
  • Box quilted construction
  • Sewn-In Loops for use with any decorative duvet cover
  • Free of down and feathers
  • Machine washable and dryer safe for easy care

    ** Bonus Tip ** When washing, toss a couple tennis balls in the dryer with the comforter to help keep the filling evenly distributed.

PrimaLoft Comforters - Sizes and Dimensions

Inches Centimeters
  W x L W x L
Twin 66" x 86" 162 x 218
Full / Queen 90" x 90" 218 x 224
King 104" x 90" 264 x 224

Customer Reviews and Questions

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  Clean sleeping
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer  from Mentone, CA

I recently became aware of how toxic bedding can be when I opened a brand new air mattress and couldn't sleep all night because of the fumes. With a little research, I came across this comforter for people with allergies and thought the price was great given the cost of "quality" comforters these days and I have a King size bed. I'm so glad I went with this one and not with other more expensive brands. It smells clean even right after you open it and keeps me warm and cozy through the night. It's soft and fluffy too! I am very pleased with it so far.
Reviewed by: S Benjamin from 92078

My fiancé recently discovered he's allergic to down, so for his sake I found your products on line and decided to give one of your Primaloft comforters a try. I really was not thrilled about having to change to a down alternative because I have so enjoyed sleeping under down comforters for decades now and I like the luxurious quality of the "real thing". My mom has a down alternative comforter that she has in her guest room and I really didn't like just felt like a standard Dacron I was skeptical..but your product sounded different so I went ahead and ordered one. I received my Primaloft comforter yesterday and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! When I first took it out of the box, I was a little concerned because it felt pretty heavy and it made a crinkling noise I thought might bother me. I ordered the medium weight comforter and thought maybe it would be too warm for summer and that perhaps I should have ordered the light weight version. But once I got it shaken out and the weight was evenly distributed across my bed, it was perfect. Last night I was amazed at how much it felt like I was sleeping under a very high quality premium goosedown comforter. It lofts just like real down, but is even better than down because it holds it loft so much better than down does. The weight and insulation were just perfect and I can honestly say I haven't had such a wonderful night's sleep in ages. I felt perfectly insulated without ever being too warm. It breaths beautifully so I was in absolutely perfect comfort all night long and woke up feeling wonderfully well rested. Dare I say I love this comforter more than my real down comforter? Yes, I DO!! Thank you for a wonderful product, I highly recommend it!
Reviewed by: Mom of allergy sufferer from Tennessee

I was concerned about putting a white comforter on my son's bed, but this one was absolutely beautiful and very warm. I ordered a colored blanket and folded it on top to help protect the white from my son's dirty hands. I will order one of these for my bed as well!

Customer Q & A

Q1: My husband has dust mite allergies. This comforter does not mention the micron size of the fabric, does it? Would a duvet cover for dust mites be necessary? If so, the measurements don't match 90 vs 86, so what should I do? Secondly, would the higher priced comforter be more appropriate? The one that is $250 for a king? Thank you.

A: With the Primaloft comforters, there is not barrier fabric. They're more like a traditional comforter that does not offer any protection against dust mites. There main draw is that they feel like down but have no feathers or down. I'm guessing you were looking at Advanced Duvet Covers. We do not currently have any made, but I don't believe the dimensions were ever d for that particular fabric. All of our Allergy Armor duvet covers, queen size, now measure 90x92 to avoid sizing issues with the primaloft queen comforter. And in terms of dust mite protection, yes you would want to use a duvet cover with the primaloft. With regard to the Allergy Armor King Comforter $250, it is an option. It doesn't have the real soft hypodown fill that Primaloft has, BUT, the dust mite protection is built in since the shell of the comforter is made from our Ultra material. Hope that helps!

Q2: Where are the primaloft comforters made?

A: The shell is made in China. Then the filling, finishing, and packing is done here in the U.S.

Q3: Does this comforter have fire retardent in it or other "added chemicals"? I'm concerned about off-gasing and/or VOCs.

A: No. This shouldn't give you any problems in terms of off gassing.

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Primaloft Down Alternative Comforter Reviews

PrimaLoft Allergy-Free Comforter

Finally an alternative for down lovers! This comforter has the look and feel of a real down comforter, without the allergens or feathers. I was really reluctant to part with my down comforter but was tired of waking up morning after morning with aggravated allergies, sneezing, congestion and coughing. After sleeping with the PrimaLoft comforter for one night I was sold.

What I like about PrimaLoft Comforters
  • Medium weight - great for year round use
  • Machine wash and dry - no dry cleaning necessary
  • Feels like down - extremely soft fill is plush and comfortable
  • Allergen-Free - no down or feathers
  • Rolled edges for greater durability
  • Sewn-in loops to use with decorative or allergy duvet cover
What I do not like about PrimaLoft Comforters
  • Only comes in white, but many people will use the sewn-in loops with a decorative duvet cover.
In summary, I love this comforter! I would recommend it to anyone who loves the feel of down but copes with allergies. Some people will use this alternative down comforter with an allergy duvet cover, but because it can be machine washed and dried (in hot water), regularly cleaning can reduce the need for the cover. The cost of a Primaloft can be higher than a traditional poly-fill comforter but the luxurious feel is comparable to that of a much more expensive down comforter.

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Twin (Item#: PR01TW) (Out of Stock) $89.99
Full/Queen (Item#: PR01FQ) $109.99
King (Item#: PR01KG) $119.99

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