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$79.00 - $119.00

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SafeHome Return Filter System

Safe Home Return Filter Systems are Made in the USAThe revolutionary design of the SafeHome System combines a separate, industrial-grade odor and chemical filter with a high quality, electrostatic allergen filter in a standard air return grill. The allergen filters removes particulate and common allergens like dust, dust mites, and pollen while extending the life of the Chemical Pollution filter for up to one full year. The SafeHome Air Return Filter System uses this dual filter approach to purify your home's air from allergens and hazardous chemicals. Based on chemical and allergen filtration systems used to keep hospitals and airports clean, the Chemical Pollution filter uses 125 grams per square foot of activated carbon and FormadaSorb to trap the household contaminants including VOCs, ozone, formaldehyde, and others. This return filter combinatin provides marked relief from symptoms for those with allergies and asthma, as well as those coping with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). SafeHome Systems are available in Annual Packs that come one Chemical Pollution filter and four electrostatic allergen filters.

*Please note that these filters are only for use in air return grills which are usually located on a wall or ceiling.

Product Features

  • Filters out both allergens and hazardous chemicals, including the removal of pollen, dust, formaldehyde, ozone, and VOCs.
  • Easy installation - the SafeHome System installs as easily as any HVAC filter.
  • Powerful chemical and gas filtration - 125 grams/sq. ft. of activated carbon and FormaldaSorb work hard to trap harmful chemicals and combat the effects of off-gassing in the home.
  • Whole house protection for those with allergies, asthma or MCS.
  • Flexible - homeowner can choose allergen filtration level and change cycle.
  • Convenient - SafeHome System Annual Pack features four allergen filters to go along with one Chemical Pollution filter.
  • Cost effective - the use of two filters instead of one combination filters allows you to change the electrostatic allergen filter as needed while getting the most from the more expensive Chemical Pollution filter.
  • Optimum air flow keeps you comfortable without causing severe pressure drop in HVAC system.
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews & Questions

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  Great value for odor removal
Reviewed by: A pleased customer from Nevada City, California

This is the third year I have used this product. It noticeably reduces odors in the house, and helps also with allergies. I plan to reorder the pack every 9 months, instead of 12 months, as the effectiveness of odor removal seems to decline after 9 months. Still it is a great value as it includes both carbon and standard furnace filters.
  This product works!
Reviewed by: M. Love from Asheville, NC

Some new furniture was making our office smell and people started having problems sneezing. We tried a whole house purifier but it was ineffective. I bought a Safehome System pack and the odor was gone within hours! This product really works! I highly recommend these filters.

Customer Q & A

Q1: How does this removal of cigarette smoke? It seeps into my condo from adjoining neighbors.

A: It's going to depend on how severe the problem is. The carbon filter does a decent job of removing odors, including smoke, but for heavy concentrations you may want to consider an air purifier. This is because the amount of carbon in the SAFEHome filter is relatively low. That has nothing to do with the quality of the filter, it's simply a constraint of filtering any forced air/HVAC system. Filters have to allow for proper air flow otherwise they can add a lot of strain to the blower motor and cause premature wear/failure. If you notice your problem is more specific to one particular room, an air purifier in that room might be a better bet. If it's something that spans multiple rooms, the return filter with carbon may help. Hope that helps!

Q2: What is pressure and MERV for Safe Home system air return filter?

A: The filter with this system measures out at MERV 7 when tested at 500 feet per second of airflow. When tested at 300 feet per second, the MERV rating for this filter is 10, so the actual performance will vary a bit based on the airflow of your particular system. The air resistance is 0.13 WG at 300 feet per minute for the SafeHome System. Hope that helps!

Q3: The annual pack includes 4, regular prefilters and 1 chemical/charcoal filter? The chemical filter to be used for 1 year?

A: That's correct. Much in the same way that a prefilter extends the life of an air purifier's HEPA filter, the prefilters in the SAFEHome Air Return system extend the life of the gas phase/chemical filter to a full year. So with this kit you simply replace the prefilter every quarter and finish up by replacing the gas phase filter annually.

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Annual Pack 14x20x1 (Item#: SH0016) $79.00
Annual Pack 14x25x1 (Item#: SH0017) $89.00
Annual Pack 16x20x1 (Item#: SH0018) $89.00
Annual Pack 16x25x1 (Item#: SH0019) $99.00
Annual Pack 24x24x1 (Item#: SH0022) $119.00

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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