Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges

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Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges


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Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Enzyme Lozenges

Sinuses and other areas can hurt when swollen. Clear-Ease helps reduce the swelling naturally, in a convenient dissolvable tablet. Relieves sinus discomfort, nasal and allergy congestion, ear congestion, stuffiness, and hoarseness that can be associated with seasonal allergies. Clear-Ease contains protelytic enzymes that break up and thin out thick mucus. These all natural lozenges are made from natural fruit enzymes, Papain (from the green papaya) and Bromelain (from pineapple stems and fruit). Decades of research and testing backs up the use of bromelains and papains for the treatment of a variety of common ailments. Each bottle contains 60 85-mg lozenges.

Directions for use--take one lozenge three times daily. Place lozenge in mouth until completely dissolved and swallow. Place between cheek and gums for best results.

Product Reviews and Questions

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  Helpful and Not being discontinued
Reviewed by: Clear-ease fan from Richmond, California

The previous reviewer is incorrect. The product is not being discontinued. I just spoke to the company this week. They are in the process of changing the packaging. I have used Clear-ease for about 2 years. I find it very helpful. One of my ears gets stuffed easily, and clear-ease helps get things moving.
  no longer made
Reviewed by: psychstudent from salem, ma

Unfortunately, this product is no longer made by the manufacturer and I never got o try it.
Reviewed by: a severe allergy sufferer from Kalispell, Montana

clear-ease works just as well in clearing my sinuses as sudafed, without the side effects.

Customer Q & A

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Clear-ease Reviews

Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Enzyme Lozenges

I first tried Clear-Ease one day when I was feeling very congested in my head. Clear-Ease are little tablets that you put in your mouth in between your gums and the side of your mouth. I was a little worried that they would taste bad; however, although it was not like eating candy, it really tasted ok. While the tablet dissolved in my mouth, I could feel the pressure begin to subside. Although the pressure returned later on that day, it did provide relief for a few hours. And once it came back I took another tablet. However you can only take a maximum of three a day.

Clear-Ease is used to relieve minor head pressure, after scuba diving, and for those who need pressure release after flying. Although, I have only used it for minor head congestion from allergies, I would think it would be more effective for the other two uses because it would solve the pressure of altitude adjustment and it less likely for that congestion to return.

What I like about Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges
  • Grossan made this product and I really like their other products
  • Made from all natural products, so you don't get the medicine head feeling
  • Comes in a fairly small bottle so I can keep it easily in my purse for when I need it
  • Tastes good
  • Not a miracle drug, however it does relieve minor head congestion to give you some relieve for a few hours
  • Would probably work really well for those of you who experience pressure in the ears when flying. I am looking forward to trying it the next time I fly.
  • Get 60 tablets in a bottle, so one bottle lasts a long time
What I didn't like about Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges
  • Although the relief lasted for a few hours, I thought it would have lasted longer
  • Doesn't have a child safety cap on it
  • If you want to use if when diving our flying, you have remember to take it two days before you are going to dive or fly. For some of us, this would be hard for me to remember to do.
In summary, overall, from my experience I would give the Grossan Clear-Ease 3 1/2 stars. While it did relieve my congestion for a few hours, I wanted it to do more. Maybe I expected too much from a product; I think I was hoping it would be a miracle drug. However, I think it is worth spending the little amount of money to try the bottle. After all, a little relief from congestion can mean a great deal.

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges (Item#: CE0001) (Discontinued)

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