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Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier

  • Item #: EB0015
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  • Steel Construction w/ Hours Run Meter
  • 56 PPD Water Removal, Integrated Condensate Pump
  • Made in UK
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    Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier

    All Ebac Kompact Dehumidifiers Ship for Free!The Ebac Kompact is the ideal unit for commercial and residential work.  Its compact size permits one-man operation, but the Kompact still has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at once.  More importantly, this dehumidifier is affordably priced within the budget of most restoration specialists.  The Ebac Kompact is a rugged and mobile piece of equipment that will operate under extreme conditions and pull large amounts of moisture from the air. Whenever and wherever you need fast, dependable, and energy-efficient humidity control, Ebac dehumidifiers provide the answer!


    • Standard 110 volt plug works virtually anywhere
    • Rugged wheels and collapsible handle for mobility
    • Hours Run Meter
    • 16' long power cord
    • Heavy duty steel chassis
    • Ebac's "Hot Gas" defrosting feature which eliminates frost build-up
    • Integrated Condensate Pump
    • PVC drain hose - 25 feet
    • Washable Air Filter
    • High efficiency rotary compressor
    • Shock Absorbing Tires
    • Washable Air Filter
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier Reviews

    Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier

    The Ebac Kompact is the perfect unit for the water damage and restoration specialist. This dehumidifier is small but is has a high drying capacity. It is rugged and can operate in low and very high temperatures on a job site.  If you own your own business or contract your services out to several different construction projects this dehumidifier should be at the top of your wish list.

    What I like about the Kompact

    One of the best qualities of this unit is that it can be moved easily between different jobs during the day, and it can be safely stored at night. There is a collapsible handle that lowers the profile of the dehumidifier for storage and transport. You literally can throw this dehumidifier on the truck and it can be operated by one person during a painting or drying job.

    I also like that the Ebac Kompact comes with an extra long power cord (the plug is the standard 110 volt plug and will work in any standard outlet) and an extra long drain hose. These two features make this unit very easy to use. The hose combines with an internal condensate pump to allow the user to remove water efficiently and over long distances. This model also features an air filter. While not HEPA grade, this filter is meant to trap larger particles before they reach the motor of the unit.

    What I do not like about the Kompact

    The Kompact is for industrial use only and is not the unit for you if you want a dehumidifier for your basement or crawlspace. It is designed for construction and building purposes and does not really cross over to a lot of dehumidification applications. The lack of a humidistat is part of the reason for this. The Kompact, being a restoration model, is primarily meant to be turned on and left on, either overnight or under supervision while projects dry or a water damaged room is dried out and cleaned.

    Product Questions

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    Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier Specifications

    Recommended For: Humidity control in offices, laboratories, storage areas, etc.
    Daily Capacity: 56 PPD at 80˚ F / 60% RH; 15 Gallons at Saturation
    CFM: 360
    Noise: 57 dBa
    Coverage Area: 8369 cu. ft.
    Condensate Pump: Yes, Integrated w/ 25' of Hose
    Hours Run Meter: Yes
    Humidistat: No
    Air Filter: Yes, Washable
    Auto Defrost: Yes
    Auto Restart: Yes
    Dimensions: 24" H x 20" W x 19" D
    Weight: 78 lbs.
    Compressor Type: High Efficiency Rotary
    Operating Temperature Range:    
    33° to 95° F
    Refrigerant Type: R407c
    Power Supply: 110v / 60Hz. / Single Phase
    Warranty: One Year

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