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IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier

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  • Best in Class - MCS Air Purifier
  • Comprehensive Filtration of Chemicals, Odors, and Particles
  • Ideal for the Chemically Sensitive
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    IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier

    IQAir MultiGas Air Purifier - Best in Class! MCS Air PurifierFor Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferers, a traditional HEPA air purifier often cannot filter the broad range of particles, vapors, fragrances and chemical fumes that can make life miserable. With three stages of filtration and a targeted blend of activated carbon, the IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier has become a Shop IQAir MultiGas Air Purifiers - As Seen On Extreme Makeover Home Edition preferred solution to bringing MCS relief to your home. The IQAir MultiGas removes the traditional allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust, and mold spores but also traps and destroy fragrances, tobacco smoke, VOC's (from furniture, carpet, paint, etc.), and chemical vapors from cleaners, varnishes, and even automobile exhaust. With the broadest filtration spectrum in the GC line, the IQ Air MultiGas is the ideal MCS air purifier for tobacco smoke removal, MCS sufferers, or anyone who is sensitive to a wide variety of air pollutants.


    • IQAir Multi Gas GC Air Purifier ControlsThe HEPA pre-filter captures airborne particles down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed minimum efficiency 95% and traps particles 0.3 microns or larger at a rate of at least 99%.
    • A full 13 lbs. of granular activated carbon to adsorb odors and gaseous pollutants the carbon is mixed with alumina pellets impregnated with potassium permanganate which oxidizes chemicals, vapors and VOC's, breaking them down into basic, harmless components.
    • Bituminous coal is the base of the activated carbon, providing less dust and more micropores for better adsorption capabilities of smoke and chemical vapors than comparable types of activated carbon.
    • IQAir MultiGas Air Purifier - New Edition FanEvery IQ Air MultiGas air purifier has been individually tested & certified for airflow and filtration efficiency.
    • Sealed filters and knife-edge seals ensure no air leakage, and that every bit of the air that passes through a MultiGas passes through all three stages of filtration.
    • Thanks to its ultra-quiet design and improved fan, the IQAir MultiGas GC provides maximum airflow with very minimal noise at lower speeds.
    • Filter replacement is easy with either model due to a revolutionary modular tower design, which snaps open to allow access to all filters in a matter of seconds.
    • Programmable LCD Controls, six speed fan, and wireless remote all add convenience and versatile control.
    • The IQAir MultiGas GC New Edition has a few notable upgrades that dramatically increase performance while saving money: an upgraded fan for increased coverage, less noise, and and more clean air, while more efficient filters boast more filter media, better filtration, and longer life.
    • New Edition IQAir MultiGas GC HEPA Air PurifierIntelligent Filter Life Monitor calculates actual filter usage so you get the most out of your filters.
    • Built to last a lifetime the IQAir MultiGas is manufactured from thick, fully cured, high-grade injection molded ABS and ABS/PC blended thermoplastics that won't off-gas any chemicals.
    • Set of four casters allow for easy movement from room to room.
    • EvenFlow Diffuser allows cleaned air to reenter the room from 320° - eliminating drafts, reducing noise, and allowing for better air circulation throughout the room.
    • Exclusive winner of the AchooAllergy Best in Class award for MCS Air Purifiers category.
    • 1 Year Warranty (10 Year w/ Warranty Registration)

    Please click here to view the IQAir GS™ Series Warranty. Please be aware that we are not able to ship IQAir to Canada.

    **NOTE: IQAir air purifiers are 120V models only. Use of this air purifier with any type of 220V-240V outlet can damage the unit. Use of an adaptor will not reduce this risk. IQ Air purifier warranties are void outside of N. America.**

    IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier - A Closer Look

    IQ Air MultiGas GC Air Purifiers
    • No-Draft, EvenFlow Diffuser

    • Electrostatic Post Filter Sleeves (4, white)

    • MultiGas Carbon Filter Canisters (4)

    • Durable ABS Body

    • Remote Control

    • New Edition Centrifugal Fan

    • Snap-Open Locking Arms

    • Six Speed Fan Control

    • New Edition H11 HEPA Pre-Filter

    • Casters

    IQAir MultiGas Air Purifiers - Best in Class: MCS and VOC

    IQAir MultiGas GC - Best in Class: MCS Air PurifierAbove all other air purifiers, the IQAir MultiGas has features that make it uniquely suited for MCS sufferers, with the most important being filtration. The HEPA pre-filter removes particle allergens like other HEPA air purifiers, and the sealed system ensures all of the air is actually filtered. These two features cut many air purifiers out of contention. In addition to this, there are four canisters of specially-blended carbon then adsorbs and oxidizes chemicals that pass through normal HEPA filtration. The IQAir MultiGas GC Air Puririfier Uses A Special Blend of Activated Carbon The activated alumina pellets (with potassium permanganate) distinguish the MultiGas from other MCS air purifiers in that the alumina broadens the filtration range and instead of just adsorbing chemicals, vapors and smoke, it actually breaks it down into inert components. Lastly, an electrostatically charged post filter sleeve traps any sort of dust or fine particles that may be left behind. The result is a Best in Class air purifier that provides you with clean air in your home, free of VOCs, allergens, traffic pollution and smoke.

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is broad label given to people who are particularly sensitive to pollutants and chemicals. The causes and symptoms of MCS vary widely, but the most effective way to cope with MCS is avoidance of triggers. Once certain triggers or reaction causing agents can be identified, it becomes much easier to avoid the products or spaces that can contain these triggers. Some common sources of MCS reactions:

    • New Paint - can or spray, nearly all contain some Volatile Organic Compounds.

    • New Carpet or Furniture - both often contain toxic ingredients or compounds like formaldehyde in the glue or binding agents used in these products.

    • Top Rated IQAir VOC Air PurifierCity Air Pollution - from vehicle emissions to factory pollution, city air can contain known carcinogens and massive amounts of hydrocarbon based pollutants.

    • Household Cleaners - from chlorine to ammonia and everything in between, most common household cleaners are chalked full of corrosive and toxic chemicals.

    • Smoke - while all types of smoke contain carcinogens and hundreds of chemicals, tobacco smoke in particular contains over 4 dozen know carcinogens.

    • Fragrances - Perfumes, colognes, cleaners, and air fresheners all contain chemical fragrance that can trigger MCS reactions.

    • New Clothes & Bedding - New clothing and bedding are often treated with chemicals that allow the product to keep their shape as well as a host of toxic fire retardant chemicals.

    For more information, check out our article on Best in Class - MCS Air Purifiers.

    Customer Reviews

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    MCS and Mold
    This is the best unit for people with MCS and problems with mold and particles. Other units I tried had lots of filter media like coconut shell, but the GC has a special blend of media that not only helps my MCS it also has reduced the particle in the air, Certified by the MFG to reduce by 99% It's the best thing I have found.
    Review by David / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
    Helps Eliminate
    In our office we are getting an overdose of chemical "Air Freshener" scents. This does an excellent job of scrubbing the VOCs from the air.
    Review by Sick Building tenant / (Posted on 5/8/2015)

    IQAir MultiGas GC Reviews

    IQAir Multi Gas Air Purifier

    For most people who suffer from MCS, the IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier is one of the best first steps you can take to reduce indoor irritants and to help create a comfortable, reaction-free space in your home. With specialized filtration and an easy-to-use interface, the MultiGas is the most versatile and well rounded of all of the GC air purifiers. With a test model in tow, here is what I found.

    What I like about the IQAir Multigas GC

    The IQAir MultiGas arrives in two separate boxes. In the main box you'll find the unit, remote, and power cord while in the secondary box you'll find the gas phase filter cartridges and post-filter sleeves. Assembly is pretty straightforward, with the only somewhat difficult part being when you put the post-filter sleeves over the filter canisters. They are very snug.

    Once assembled I recommend running the unit for 24 hours in an open area. The reason is the specialized media in the filter cartridges can sometimes have a slight odor to it, and by running them for about a day in a more open area, you can avoid this. As far as operation, I recommend the bedroom. For MCS sufferers, the bedroom can often be the only refuge there is from the constant barrage of irritants and pollutants. Whether it is allergy, asthma or MCS sufferers, the bedroom is the best, first place to start when it comes to creating irritant and allergen free areas in the home.

    Controls are fairly easy to use, but for some of the more advanced features (like resetting the Filter Life Monitor, locking the control panel or setting the timer to run on certain days of the week) are best done after you've read the instruction manual. For the most part, operation, whether on the panel or remote, is very simple.

    When it comes to filtration, this is where the IQAir Multi Gas really shines. The first filter is a combination HEPA/Pre-filter. Unlike most filters you find other air purifiers, this filter is very thick. With 32 sq. ft. of filter media, this first stage of filtration is ideally suited for not only trapping large and medium sized particles on like pet hair, dust and pollen, but even ultra fine particles like dander, bacteria and viruses are filtered out and trapped. Common allergens like ragweed, dust mites, and mold spores all are effectively removed from the air in your home.

    Where the MultiGas GC air purifier separates itself from other room air cleaners is the filtration canister system. Four separate canisters are packed with a total of 13 lbs. of activated carbon and impregnated alumina to trap and oxidize the widest range of chemicals, vapors, and VOC's of nearly any air purifier available today. A base of bituminous coal for the activated carbon (as opposed to coconut shell, anthracite coal, or other substrates) is not only extremely porous but captures more pollutants due to the shape and design of the cartridges.

    Activated carbon alone is typically not enough for those who suffer from severe allergies or MCS, and while activated carbon is a great filtration base to start with, the number of chemicals it will trap needs to broaden out to be most effective. To expand the filtration, IQAir uses impregnated alumina. This chemisorption pellets (impregnated alumina) contain targeted compounds - potassium permanganate and aluminum oxide. These two agents, when mixed with activated carbon, physically break down and oxidize specific compounds like the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke as well as substances like formaldehyde, acetone, acetates, and a host of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic chemicals. This makes the particular filter media found in the IQAir MultiGas air purifiers an ideal blend for MCS sufferers and those sensitive to both particle and chemical pollutants in the air.

    Many people ask what the difference is between the MultiGas and other GC models, like the GC VOC. The answer is actually pretty simple. While the body of each GC unit is the same, the difference lies in the filter media. Each model has a slightly different blend of activated carbon that makes it ideal for what it is to target, ie. ammonia compounds or VOCs. What the MultiGas GC air purifier represents is a mixture of each of these specific blends, making it the most comprehensive MCS air purifier available.

    The last phase of filtration are the electrostatically charged sleeve that traps any filter media or particles that may remain. All three layers of filtration produce cleaner, purer air, free of harmful substances and without producing ozone, UV radiation or other harmful byproducts (produced by some other types of air purifiers).

    In my home, I have two dogs inside the house. Because the house was built in the South during the tail-end of 1960's, there is no HVAC system. Cooking in the home, just having the pets and everyday living can all pollute the indoor air, particularly when air circulation in my home is virtually non-existent. The MultiGas GC not only removed any pet odors but also eliminated cooking odors shortly after dinner. With a particle counter I recorded a particle count of over 2 million before using the MultiGas, but by the next day, the count had reached zero in my bedroom. Whether it is smoke, pet or cooking odors or things like dander, pollen, dust or chemical vapors, the IQAir MultiGas outperforms comparable air purifiers.

    Additional benefits include the filter life monitors. Instead of simple timers, the IQ Air Health Pro Plus calculates your actual usage based on how long you have run the machine and what speed. The IQAir's design is modular and stackable, so by snapping the two arms to the sides you quickly and easily disassemble the unit or replace the filters without any tools. The handle and casters give it extra mobility, and HealthPro Plus can be fully programmed to run when you need it to. Lastly, six speeds give you more control in striking the balance you want between noise level and air filtration.

    In addition to the filtration, the IQ Air MultiGas air purifiers offer all of the great features that IQAir has become known for, and this includes,

    • Durable and quality construction
    • Sealed system
    • Each unit is individually tested and certified
    • Casters and a convenient carrying handle
    • 10 Year Warranty (once you register the warranty)

    With partnerships with the American Lung Association and Home Makeover, IQAir has nearly 50 years of producing quality air filtration devices and a variety of accolades and awards to stand behind their products.

    What I do not like about the IQAir MultiGas GC

    The initial odor of the gas phase canisters can sometimes be a problem. Having used and tested several of these models over the years, I find that this is not often the case. On occasion there can be an odor issue with one of the filters, but in these rare instances, this is generally resolved by allowing the unit to run for a day until it is gone. When this does not solve the problem, we have found that IQAir is very good about replacing filters when the problemoccurs once you begin use.

    The IQAir MultiGas is not cheap. That can be a hurdle for a lot of folks. However, this like many of the products we offer are quality products that are built to last a long time. The instances of customers having a unit that fails is virtually non-existent. In all the years of offering these HEPA air purifiers, we have not come across a single instance of an IQAir just dying on someone. They are reliable, efficient products, and with that comes a little more expense than middle-of-the-road air purifiers or low quality units.

    Overall, the IQAir MultiGas GC is one of the best, broad range air purifiers available today. They strike the right balance between chemical/VOC/smoke/odor and particle filtration. It's this balance that makes the MultiGas HEPA air purifiers so well suited for MCS sufferers who are sensitive to a wide variety of pollutants in the air. So if you are shopping air purifiers for efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and durability, the IQAir MultiGas is well worth serious consideration.

    The MultiGas GC has now gotten better - as a New Edition IQAir purifier model, the GC MultiGas now features upgraded filters and an improved fan. These two changes mean you change the filters less frequently (saving you money) while enjoying more clean air, less noise and greater air cleaning coverage.

    Product Questions

    Does the initial shipment of the IQ air multi-gas GC come with the filters or should I add purchasing filters to the cost of the 1st unit??
    Is this unit quiet enough to be in a common meeting place in an office without interfering with conversations or phone calls?
    how long does the filters last and what is the replacement cost

    IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier Specifications

    IQAir MultiGas GC - VOC Air Purifier Online IQAir MultiGas GC
    Recommended For: Severe allergy & asthma or MCS sufferers
    User Profile: Those who need comprehensive, broad range filtration of chemicals, smoke, VOC's, odors and particle irritants
    Maximum Room Size
    2 air changes per hour
    1125 sq. ft.
    4 air changes per hour 550 sq. ft.
    6 air changes per hour
    450 sq. ft.
    Filter Description: 1 HEPA Pre-Filter, 4 Post-Filter Sleeves, 4 MG Filter Cartridges
    Prefilter: H11 HEPA Combo, 32 sq. ft.
    Carbon Filter: Yes, 4 MG canisters (12 lbs.)
    Post Filters: Yes, 4 Electrostatic Post-Filter Sleeves (5.4 sq. ft.)
    UV Light: No
    Average Filter Life: H11 Pre-filter 1 Year
    Post-Filter Sleeves 2 1/2 Years
    MG Cartridges 2.5 Years
    Filter Change Indicator Sensors: Yes
    Air Intake: Dual Arches at bottom of unit
    Air Outflow: 320° EvenFlo Diffuser
    Ozone Emission: No
    M.C.S.: Yes
    Smoke Removal: Yes
    Mold Removal: Yes
    Odor Control: Yes
    Dust Removal: Yes
    Formaldehyde Removal: Yes
    Second Hand Smoke Removal: Yes
    Housing: ABS (UV stabilized) Plastic, no off-gassing, impact resistant
    Installation / Expansion Options: Yes
    Interface Control Type: Electronic LCD
    Dimensions: 28"H x 15"W x 16"D
    Weight: 44 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 52 lbs. (2 Boxes21)
    Noise Level: 1 - 25 db 2 - 36 db 3 - 44 db
    4 - 50 db 5 - 54 db 6 - 59 db
    Wheels / Casters: Yes
    Power Consumption: 27W - 215W
    (less than 1 W in Standby Mode)
    Fan Speeds: 6
    CFM of Fan Speeds: 1 - 40 CFM 2 - 75 CFM
    3 - 130 CFM 4 - 170 CFM
    5 - 200 CFM 6 - 300 CFM
    Warranty: 1 Year (10 Year w/ Warranty Registration) including fan motor (Excludes Filters)
    LCD Display: Yes, in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish
    Programmable Timer: Yes
    Remote Control Included: Yes
    Effective Temperature & Humidity Ranges:     
    Temp: 41° F - 104° F
    Humidity: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
    Approvals: UL, CSA