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Miele Premium Vacuum Accessories

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  • Universal Fit - Work With All Miele Vacuums
  • Versatile Miele Accessories for Greater Cleaning Ability
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    Miele Premium Vacuum Accessories

    Miele Premium Accessories add cleaning versatility to any Miele vacuum. Fitting all Miele uprights, canisters and stick vacuum cleaners, this collection of attachments allows for more thorough cleaning throughout the home. From dusting and drapes to cleaning out of reach and often ignored areas of your home, there is a Miele premium accessory for the job.


    In addition to the three mini accessories that are often included with your Miele vacuum cleaner, there is a wide variety of additional accessories that you can use for more advanced cleaning tasks throughout your home. Need longer reach to clean in the narrow space beside your refrigerator? How about the perfect tool for dusting your ceiling fan? Want to remove crumbs from your child's mattress? Or perhaps you simply need a larger brush to clean more quickly? Regardless of your need, Miele has got you covered. Each of these Premium Miele Accessories feature universal fit, meaning that all are compatible with every Miele vacuum cleaner.

    Miele Universal Swivel Brush (SUB 20)Miele Universal Swivel Brush (SUB 20)
    As the most popular accessory in this collection, the Miele Universal Swivel Brush is easily one of the most versatile cleaning attachments any Miele owner can have. With a dual-jointed neck, this attachment can swivel and pivot a full 360°. Twist, turn, and shape it to the exact configuration you need for your task. Six inches of soft, natural bristles dislodge dust, dirt and soil without scratching surfaces. There's a reason why this tool if often included with Miele Homecare models and many of the Miele accessory kits. It's a must-have for many Miele owners.

    Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool SFD 20Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20)
    For the most reach, the Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool is what you need. Not only does it provide an additional 22" of reach, perfect for use in long narrow gaps between furniture or appliances, but it also bends! The center portion of the tool is made from a flexible material that allows this crevice tool to snake and bed around corners and into areas where other Miele accessories simply cannot reach.

    Miele Extra Wide Upholstery NozzleMiele Extra Wide Upholstery Nozzle (SPD 10)
    While an upholstery nozzle is standard with most Miele vacuums, you might find that its small size means you have to spend more time cleaning your couch, love seat or futon. At over 7" wide, the Extra Wide Upholstery Nozzle nearly doubles the width of the standard accessory, cutting your cleaning time in half. With longer strips of felt to dislodge pet hair and remove stuck-on debris, this premium accessory makes short work of cleaning task.

    Miele Mattress Nozzle SMD 10Miele Mattress Nozzle (SMD 10)
    Slim and lightweight, the 3.5" wide cleaning head of this Miele premium accessory make it ideal for removing crumbs, dust, hair, and debris from your mattress. Want to remove allergens that may have settled on your mattress cover (between washes)? The Mattress Nozzle will do the trick. A think row of felt dislodges hair while the narrow shape of this tool focuses the powerful suction of your Miele vacuum for thorough removal of allergens from bedding or furniture.

    Miele Universal Brush SUB 10Miele Universal Brush (SUB 10)
    As an all round tool, the Miele Universal brush is had to beat. It features the longest bristles of any Miele accessory and at nearly 9" long, it's large enough to make short work of dusting or other cleaning tasks and is great for dusting books, book shelves, vents, and registers.

    Miele Radiator BrushMiele Radiator Brush (SHB 20)
    As the last of the premium Miele accessories, the Miele Radiator Brush is actually two tools in one. Not only is there a radiator brush with a curved row of nylon bristles, but also a crevice tool. When using the Radiator brush, you first attach it to the end of the crevice tool then attach this combination to your Miele vacuum wand or handle. While the crevice tool in this set can be used by itself, the radiator brush requires the use of the crevice tool to attach to your Miele.

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