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Miele Vacuum Standard Accessories

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$17.99 - $19.95

Miele Vacuum Standard Accessories

Each new Miele vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of standard accessories and attachments. These handy accessories are perfect for your above-the-floor cleaning needs, from dusting to cleaning your drapes or furniture. Replace old, worn, or lost Miele mini accessories or to add a new cleaning tool to your arsenal, select the perfect Miele attachment to meet your cleaning needs.


Each standard Miele vacuum accessory features universal fit. This means that no matter what type of Miele you have, canister, upright or stick, each of these accessories can be attached to the handle or wand and used to clean throughout the home.

Miele Vacuum Crevice ToolMiele Crevice Tool
This Miele Crevice Tool comes standard with all new Miele canister vacuum cleaners as well as the stick upright vacuums. This tool is great for cleaning small appliances and tough to reach, narrow areas. Works well when detailing your vehicle or cleaning between cushions. 6" Long

Miele Upright Vacuum Crevice ToolMiele Crevice Tool (SFD 10)
Standard with each Miele upright vacuum cleaner is this extended Crevice Tool. While the shape and function of this tool is the same as that for Miele canister and stick vacuums, the upright crevice tool is a full 11.5" long, for better reach between thick couch cushions or car seats.

Miele Upholstery NozzleMiele Upholstery Brush
With a wider cleaning path than other accessories, the Miele Upholstery Brush or Nozzle uses thin strips of felt to loosen and dislodge tangle string, pet hair, and debris that can become trapped in upholstered furniture, carpet, or mattresses.

Miele Dusting BrushMiele Dusting Brush - Nylon Bristles (SSP 10)
The Miele Dusting Brush is included with each Miele vacuum cleaner. With durable nylon bristles, this tool gently scrubs away soil and debris while loosening dirt from cracks and crevices. Adjustable, the Dusting Brush can be used throughout the home, even to dust overhead shelves.

Miele Natural Bristle Dusting BrushMiele Dusting Brush - Natural Bristles
As a replacement to the standard Miele Dusting Brush, the Natural Bristle Dusting brush uses a blend of natural horse hair bristles (instead of nylon) to remove dirt, debris, and dust. Ideal for use on delicate surfaces where scratching may be a concern, this adjustable attachment offers nearly the same cleaning results but with a more gentle touch.

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