IQAir GC and GCX Air Purifiers

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IQAir GC and GCX Series Air Purifiers

IQ Air GCX air purifiers as seen on Extreme Makeover Home EditionSpecially designed for control of gaseous contaminants, IQAir GC and GCX air purifiers feature customized filters and filter media cartridges for specific gaseous contaminants, chemical vapors, and odors. Choose from four filter models to meet your needs. You can control VOC's, tobacco smoke, ammonia, and odors, as well as particles like allergens, dust, and spores in both residential and commercial environments. Because the major distinguishing feature between models is the filter cartridge, you can always change (from say a MultiGas cartridge to a VOC cartridge) as you specific filtration needs change. This option for the replacement filters also is true with the industrial GCX air purifier model.

IQAir GC/X HEPA Air Purifier Product Features

  • Top-of-the-line, hospital-quality air filtration.
  • IQAir GC & GCX air purifiers feature Customized Gas Phase Control. Just like professional gas masks, IQAir air purifiers achieve maximum filter efficiency for with different filter cartridges for different gases and odors. IQAir GC & GCX series air purifiers, specially designed to target specific smoke, gases, and odors, work well in residential and commercial settings in part due to their solid particle filtration.
  • With either of these air purifiers you have a variety of options - not only in terms of specialized chemical filtration but also in size. The IQAir GCX is uniquely suited for severely contaminated environments and industrial/commercial areas. The GC models are best used in residential or office applications.
  • The Triple-Seal design reduces internal leakage. First, the filter media is sealed in the filter frame. Second, IQAir's patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect sealing between filter fame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module lock it up airtight. Thus, IQAir air purifiers have higher actual system efficiency than the theoretical efficiency of conventional air cleaners.
  • Thanks to its ultra-quiet design, the large IQAir fan motor moves more clean air with less noise. IQAir air purifiers have the fan in the center, between the noise-absorbing filters. Unique double-walled housing also reduces noise. Eight shock absorbers hold the fan, ensuring that vibration isn't transmitted to the housing. Virtually inaudible at the lowest setting. IQAir and the American Lung Association
  • Easy filter replacement due to the modular tower design, which snaps open to allow access to all filters in a matter of seconds.
  • Programmable Control Panel and remote control.
  • Intelligent Filter Life Monitor takes actual use, speed settings, and air quality conditions into account. This means that you replace the filter based on your environment, not a pre-set timer.
  • Choose your ideal performance level with six fan speeds. Most air purifiers have only two or three speeds.
  • An integrated timer means that your IQAir air purifier can be programmed to run automatically
  • Casters for easy moving, and locking controls to limit access.
  • Built to last a lifetime and manufactured from thick, fully cured, high-grade injection molded ABS that won't off-gas any chemicals.
  • Powerful yet energy efficient, costing only pennies a day to run.
  • Each IQAir air purifier has been individually tested & certified.
  • 5 Year Warranty
**NOTE: IQAir air purifiers are 120V models only. Use of this air purifier with any type of 220V-240V outlet can damage the unit. Use of an adaptor will not reduce this risk. IQ Air purifier warranties are void outside of N. America.**

Compare the Filter Canisters

Shop IQAir GCX Multigas Air Purifiers IQAir GCX MultiGas Air Purifier
Specially designed to remove a wide spectrum of gases and particulates including tobacco smoke. Ideal for multiple chemical sensitivity. This air purifier is the best overall for MCS sufferers, because it uses a blend of the Chemisorber and VOC filter medias.

Chemicals Removed: Acetic acid, Acetone, Acrolein, Acrylonitrile, 1.3 Butadiene, Butyric acid, Carbon disulfide, Chlorine dioxide, Cresol, Cyclohexanone, Diethylamine, Dimethylamine, Ethanol, Ethyl acetate, Ethyl acrylate, Ethylamine, Formic acid, Hydrogen chloride, Isoprene, Isopropanol, Methanol, Methyl acrylate, Methyl disulfide, Methyl ethyl ketone, Methyl mercaptan, Methyl sulfid, Methyl vinyl ketone, Methylamine, Nitroglycerine, Ozone, Phenol, Skatole, Styrene, Sulfur trioxide, Trichloroethylene, Tri hylamine, Trimethylamine, Vinyl chloride.

IQAir GC VOC Online
IQAir GC/X VOC Air Purifier
Specially designed for chemical control and removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Chemicals Removed: Benzene, Butane, Carbon tetrachloride, Chlorine, Chloroform, Chloropicrin, Cyclohexane, 1.1 Dichloroethane, Ethylene oxide, Freon 11, Indole, Methyl chloride, Methyl chloroform, Methylene chloride, Nitrobenzene, Phosgene, Pyridine, Sulfuric acid, Toluene, Xylene.

IQAir GCX HEPA Air Purifiers
IQAir GC/X Chemisorber Air Purifier
Specially designed for control of formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and particulates.

Chemicals Removed: Acetaldehyde, Acetylene, Arsine, Carbon dioxide, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Hydrazine, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Phosphine, Silane, Sulfur dioxide.

IQAir GC/X Ammonia Air Purifier
IQAir GC/X AM Air Purifier
Designed especially for control of ammonia based compounds.

Chemicals Removed: Ammonia, Amines, Ammonia-based odors and particulates.

IQ Air GC & GCX Air Purifier Diagram and Airflow

IQAir GCX Air Purifier
Diagram IQ Air GCX Air Purifier

IQAir GC Air Purifier

Diagram IQ Air GC Air Purifier
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IQAir GCX Air Purifier Product Reviews

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  It Works!!!
Reviewed by: Paige from Brookline

I spent about two solid weeks reviewing air purifiers before making my decision. I've always been a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" so the price of the IQ didn't really put me off at all. After doing a lot of reading and making several different phone calls, I chose the GC, more specifically the VOC since it seems to target more of the things I am worried about. I am happy to say that it has performed wonderfully! We purchased a newer home that was recently recarpeted. We loved the house, but I knew this was going to be an issue. New carpet is TERRIBLE for my allergies. I get severe headaches and sinus pressure that makes me absolutely miserable. In two of rooms we went so far as to pull the carpeting up and replace it with hardwoods. Throughout the remainder of the house, we left it as it was, but with the addition of this GC things have been a lot easier for me. In time the chemicals from the new carpet will dissipate, but until then, the IQ has been a big relief. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to others.
  Off-gassing never dissapated
Reviewed by: An MCS sufferer from California

Unfortunately, after using our IQ Air GC MultiGas for several weeks, we had to return it to the store, because we could not withstand the constant 'off-gassing' smell. (It did not dissipate as much as they claimed it would.) This odor gave both me and my daughter headaches, made our eyes sting, and our lungs burn. (I noted though, that it did not bother the rest of our family.) When I called the IQ Air company, (they have excellent product support,) they told me that it was the normal smell that all HEPA filters have. However, my Austin-air never had such an odor problem, and it is also an HEPA filter. When I researched it further, I discovered that their filter media uses Potassium Permanganate, which according to its MSDS sheet, is a highly volatile substance that is known to irritate the lungs. As this chemical is said to have no smell, I can only guess that this is what may have triggered our problems. (As a side note, I would also caution its use in a place where large volumes of hydrogen peroxide is used, as this substance is known to react with the potassium permanganate -according to it's MSDS.) When we ran it for several hours before using the room, (and left it off for about fifteen minutes before using the room,) it worked VERY well at removing any gaseous or particulate irritants in the air. It was able to handle our larger 2-room area without a problem, even with our extra high ceiling. We would have kept it for these reasons alone, but we really needed a filter that we could use all the time, even when we are in the room. The filters were easy to assemble and/or replace. I would caution that you assemble the charcoal/permanganate canisters outside, or at least have a window open, and insert them into the IQ Air, using a protective sheet of some kind underneath it all, as no matter how careful you are, it tends to get black dust (that is hard to remove,) on anything it touches. (You also might want to use a dust mask of some kind, so you don't breathe in this dust.) It could be set to six different settings, the first one could barely be heard at all, and the last one we found difficult to talk over, if we were standing right next to it. It managed to filter the air incredibly fast, even on the lowest setting. Be aware that its depth is about fifteen inches squared, and it is as high as the average table. (36" high.) They state that the unit MUST have AT LEAST one foot clearance all the way around it, which limited the number of places where we could use it. The air intake is at the very bottom of the unit, (where the arch is,) which means that if you place it on a carpet, your carpet could act like a partial filter and become soiled over time. We placed a three foot square chair mat underneath it to avoid this problem. The IQ Air company stands by its product 100%; they authorized our return without argument and refunded ALL of our money.

Customer Q & A

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IQAir GC Air Purifier Review

IQAir GC and GCX Series Air Purifiers

IQAir has long had a reputation for delivering world class air filtration with excellent add-ons and accessories. With the GC and GCX series IQAir tackles the problem of VOC's, smoke and other gaseous or toxic chemicals and odors. Using a blend of different oxidizers and activated carbon, IQAir offers four different units to target specific contaminants. These choices give greater flexibility in choosing the model that will work best in any given situation.

Though an IQAir GC Chemisorber will have the same filter media as the IQAir GCX Chemisorber air purifier, there are differences between these two lines (GC vs. GCX), beyond simply the price. GCX filters are packed with nearly twice as much media filter, and the pre-filter of the GCX units provides nearly twice the square footage of surface area. This provides the GCX series with not only longer filter life but also a larger footprint that makes these units uniquely suited for commercial and industrial applications. With a long history of working closely with hospitals and industries requiring clean-rooms, IQAir offers proven technology suitable for nearly all applications.

What I liked about the IQAir GC Air Purifiers

There are four levels of optional filters to best suit your needs, MultiGas, VOC, Chemisorber, and AM. Each of the four has four filter canisters that contain four specific types of filtration media. All of the filter canisters are then wrapped in an electrostatically charged, post-filter sleeve. There is a virtual laundry list of the chemicals, gases and VOC's that each particular type of filter will tackle, which makes it much easier to choose the filtration that will help you the most.

To make up for the lack of a full-fledged HyperHEPA filter, the H11 pre-filter of each of these units doubles as a HEPA grade particle filter. There is some give and take with this. Because this pre-filter works double duty as a pre-filter and HEPA filter, the life of this filter is slightly shorter than a typical HEPA filter but in doing this IQ is also able to provide specialized gaseous contaminant filtration with world class particle filtration.

Recently upgraded with New Edition features, IQAir GCX and GC air purifiers now boast more filter media, longer filter life, and a redesigned fan that provides increased airflow and quieter operation.

The electronic features on these units are very helpful. Not only can you set a timer and schedule when you want the air purifier to turn off, but these models can be programmed, much like a programmable thermostat.

All GCX series air purifiers come equipped with a remote control and Intelligent Filter Life Monitor that takes into account actual usage, speed setting and air quality conditions when determining exactly how much longer you can use the current set of filters. This reading will fluctuate depending on the speed at which you run the unit. In addition, simple indicator lights give you a broader idea of when the filter needs to be replaced.

Each IQAir is individually tested before sale, and each comes with a signed Certificate of Performance to attest to the quality of each machine.

The units are entirely sealed, so there is no air contamination or mixing of filtered and unfiltered air.

IQAir GC air purifiers have a unique design. They are constructed similar to a tower with different levels. Aesthetically, they fit in just about anywhere, but you will be limited somewhat by the size, particularly of the GCX models.

Lastly, like most of the stand alone air purifiers that IQAir offers, these models are expandable and have a variety of attachments and accessories that can be fitted to further specialize the GC and GCX air purifiers to meet your needs.

What I did not like about the IQAir GCX Air Purifiers

Filters are not very easy to change. There are no screws or bolts to remove, but it can be a bit awkward taking apart, replacing, and then restacking the filter rows. IQAir bills the filter change as very simple, so perhaps I just need more experience.

While GCX line offers a variety of options for filtration, the units and filters can be expensive. Specialized, high quality filtration does not come cheap.

IQAir air purifiers can handle some of the most volatile chemicals and work well for people with severe allergies. During the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, IQAir provided U.S. athletes with air purifiers for their rooms and training areas, in addition to fitting specially constructed units to the HVAC systems of other buildings. This is just one example of how over 40 years of experience has helped IQ Air become the recipient of numerous awards and #1 product reviews, while making its name synonymous with quality air filtration.

IQAir GC and GCX Air Purifiers Detailed Specifications

Shop IQAir GCX Air Purifiers Online IQ Air GC IQ Air GCX
Recommended For: Residential, commercial and medical environments where gas and odor control is critical. Chemically sensitive, hospital patients. Residential, commercial and medical environments where heavy duty gas and odor control is essential.
Maximum Room Size
2 air changes per hour
1125 sq. ft. 1385 sq. ft.
4 air changes per hour 560 sq. ft. 694 sq. ft.
6 air changes per hour
375 sq. ft. 460 sq. ft.
Filter Description: 3 Stage
HEPA Pre-filter & post filter sleeves
4 specialized carbon cartridges
3 Stage
HEPA Pre-filter & post filter sleeves
4 specialized carbon cartridges
Pre-filter: Combined H11 Prefilter/HEPA filter, 32 sq. ft. Combined H11 Prefilter/HEPA filter, 81 sq. ft
HEPA Filter: Combined H11 Prefilter/HEPA filter Combined H11 Prefilter/HEPA filter
Carbon Filter: Yes, 4 Cartridges
(10-17 lbs. - varies by model)
Yes, 4 Cartridges
(17-31 lbs. - varies by model)
UV Light: No No
Average Filter Life: HEPA Pre-filter: 1 year
Gas Cartridges: 1-3 yrs
Post Filter Sleeves: 1-3 yrs
HEPA Pre-filter: 2 year
Gas Cartridges: 2-4 yrs
Post Filter Sleeves: 2-4 yrs
Air Intake: Bottom of unit Bottom of unit
Air Outflow: 320° EvenFlo Diffuser 320° EvenFlo Diffuser
Ozone Emission: No No
Filter Change Indicator Sensors: Yes Yes
M.C.S.: Yes, very effective Yes, very effective
Smoke Removal: Yes Yes
Mold Removal: Yes Yes
Odor Control: Yes Yes
Dust Removal: Yes Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: Yes Yes
Second Hand Smoke Removal: Yes Yes
Installation / Expansion Options: Yes Yes
Interface Control Type: Digital, LCD at top of unit Digital, LCD at top of unit
Color Options: Gray body, Blue arms Gray body, Blue arms
Dimensions: 28" H x 15" W x 16" D 40" H x 15" W x 16" D
Weight: 39-46 lbs. 57-73 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 44-52 lbs. 65-80 lbs.
Wheels / Casters: Yes Yes
Maximum Power Consumption: 215 W 215 W
Fan Speeds: 6 6
CFM of Fan Speeds: 1 - 40 CFM   2 - 75  CFM 3 - 130 CFM
4 - 170 CFM 5 - 200 CFM 6 - 300 CFM
1 - 50 CFM   2 - 100 CFM 3 - 160 CFM
4 - 210 CFM 5 - 260 CFM 6 - 370 CFM
Warranty: 1 Year (commercial use): 5 Years (residential use) 1 Year
LCD Display: Yes, 32 character Yes, 32 character
Programmable Timer: Yes Yes
Remote Control Included: Yes Yes
Approvals: UL, CSA UL, CSA

Additional Resources

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IQAir Air Purifier Attachments

Warranty Information

Five year warranty on unit including fan motor. Warranty does not include filters.


IQAir GC VOC (Item#: IQ0026) $1,199.00
IQAir GC Chemisorber (Item#: IQ0028) $1,249.00
IQAir GC AM (Item#: IQ0029) $1,249.00
IQAir GCX VOC (Item#: IQ0030) $2,199.00
IQAir GCX MultiGas (Item#: IQ0031) $2,199.00
IQAir GCX Chemisorber (Item#: IQ0032) $2,299.00
IQAir GCX AM (Item#: IQ0033) $2,299.00

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