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Allergy Products for Children
Children are among the fastest growing segment of allergy sufferers. While child allergies is a broad category and the debate over causes continues, once your child is diagnosed, there are a variety of things you can do to prevent allergic reactions and better control your child's environment.


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Childrens Allergy Mattresses & Mattress CoversBaby Crib Mattresses & Mattress Covers
Moonlight Slumber Crib Mattresses Pure-Rest Crib Mattresses Allergy Armor Ultra
Crib Mattresses & Pads
$35.90 - $317.90
Pure-Rest Crib Mattresses
$359.99 - $449.00
Ultra Crib Mattress Covers
Allergy Armor Cotton Crib Covers Advanced Crib Mattress Covers Allergy Armor Classic
Cotton Crib Mattress Covers
Advanced Crib Mattress Covers
$45.95 $35.95
Classic Crib Mattress Covers
Childrens Allergy BeddingChild Dust Mite Bedding
Allergy Armor Classic Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Sheets Allergy Armor Pillows
Classic Dust Mite Bedding
$9.99 - $11.99
Allergy Armor Organic Sheets
Allergy Pillows
$23.95 - $51.95
Snoozer Junior Body Pillow Organic Cotton Blankets - Crepe Weave Allergy Armor Blankets
Snoozer Junior Body Pillow
Allergy Armor Organic Blankets
Allergy Armor Blankets
$49.00 - $99.00
Childrens Asthma CarePediatric Asthma Treatment
Monaghan Z Stat Holding Chamber Vortex Asthma Spacer PARI Vios Pediatric Nebulizer
Monaghan Z Stat
$23.99 - $36.99
Vortex Holding Chamber
$28.99 - $32.99
PARI Vios Pediatric Nebulizer
Peak Flow Meter Holding Chamber Masks
Peak Flow Meter
Vortex Child Masks
Child Food AllergiesChild Food Allergy
Food Allergy T-Shirts Food Allergy Cards
Food Allergy T-Shirts
Food Allergy Cards
Ana-Tote Injector Case
$12.95 - $15.95
Ana-Tote Red Insulated Ana-Tote Twin Auto Injector Case Ana-Tote Twin Red Insulated
Ana-tote Red Thermal
Ana-Tote Twin Injector Case
Ana-tote Twin Red Thermal
Kids Allergies - Sinus IrrigationChild Allergy Relief & Indoor Air Quality Products
Crane Duck Humidifier Crane Frog Humidifier Stadler Anton Humidifier
Crane Duck Humidifier
Crane Frog Humidifier
Stadler Form Anton Humidifier
Austin Air Baby's Breath Air Purifier IQ Air HealthPro Compact IQ Air HealthPro Plus Air Purifiers
Austin Air Baby's Breath $394.99 IQAir HealthPro Compact
IQAir HealthPro Plus
Kids Allergies - Sinus IrrigationChild Eczema Relief & Personal Care Products
Vanicream Cleansing Bar Vanicream Moisturizer Vanicream Sunscreen
Vanicream Cleansing Bar
Vanicream Skin Cream
Vanicream Sunscreen
$14.49 - $16.95
Narial Neti Pot Neilmed NasaFlo Neti Pot  
Narial Nasal Cup
NeilMed NasaFlo Kit
Cleaning SolutionsCleaning Solutions
Miele Marin Vacuum Cleaner Miele Olympus Vacuum Cleaner Green Nursery Cleaner
Miele Marin S8590
Miele Olympus
EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner
Vital Oxide Mold Remover and Disinfectant Anti-Allergen Solution Laundry Detergent Anti-Allergen Solution
Vital Oxide Mold Remover and Disinfectant
$14.99 - $37.95
Anti-Allergen Solution
Laundry Detergent

Anti-Allergen Solution
$19.95 - $61.95
Childrens ToysToys for Little Allergy Sufferers
Dust Mite Toy Toy Bed Bugs
Dust Mite Toys
Bed Bug Toys

Development of Child Allergies

Why do some children develop allergies? As with nearly every human trait, there is a genetic component and an environmental component. If both parents have allergies, there's a good chance that their child will develop allergies. Since we cannot control genetics, we focus on the same things as with adult allergies - our environment.

Hygiene Hypothesis
One popular theory behind the environmental side of allergies, the "hygiene hypothesis," states that a lack of early childhood exposure to germs increases the likelihood of developing allergic disease. As a young immune system develops, it must learn what to attack and what to leave alone. Pollen, for instance, does not present a threat to the body; however, some children become sensitive to pollen because, according to the hygiene hypothesis, their immune system did not have a chance to develop properly.

Children who grow up in ultra-clean environments and never "play in the dirt" do appear to be at greater risk of developing allergies and asthma; though research continues to complicate and challenge this theory. On the other hand, children who grow up on farms have shown less tendency to develop allergic diseases. Other researchers suggests that a lack of sunlight plays a role in the development of allergies, particularly food allergies and skin conditions like eczema.

Chemical Exposure
Because there are so many variables, there is no single study that definitively shows hygiene to be a cause of allergy development. As research continues, factors like chemical exposure from pregnancy through childhood also seems to be playing a more prominent role in our understanding. From food preservatives to the ingredients in cleaning products and plastics, the chemicals that factor into daily life appear to be impacting us on a variety of levels.

Does any of this mean that you should stop cleaning your child's room, or send him or her to live in the backyard? Of course not! But your child would likely benefit by spending more time outdoors in nature, playing in the dirt, exercising, and breathing in fresh air. Over the past 50 years, not only have we started spending more time indoors, but our buildings have also changed. Homes and offices now have extremely tight seals for energy efficiency. These tight seals trap pollutants inside, creating stale indoor air that's ten to a hundred times more polluted than outdoor air. This is also where theories about chemical exposure gain more traction. From chemicals in the foods we eat to the furniture in our homes, there are a myriad of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

While the exact cause of allergic disease is elusive, it's important for children to play outdoors, but it's also equally important to keep some things out of your child's environment, if for no other reason than to reduce or eliminate reactions. Conditions are often managed with medication, but avoidance remains one of the best ways to provide relief without side effects.

Reducing Child Allergies and Asthma

We recommend running a HEPA air purifier in your child's bedroom and covering the bed with allergy bedding as two basic measures to improve indoor air quality and limit exposure to harmful or reaction causing agents. For children diagnosed with dust mite allergies or asthma, allergy bedding should be your first step in limiting children's allergies or asthma. Allergy bedding covers block the dust mites and the dust mite allergen that is found in almost every single mattress and pillow, and while they are no cure, most people get much needed night time relief by combining the use of dust mite covers with every day measures like dusting and vacuuming more frequently and washing bedding in hot water. Additionally, recent studies have shown that HEPA air purifiers can lead to improved cardiovascular health, and there is a wealth of data supporting them as a way to noticeably reduce levels of indoor air pollution (from dust mites and pollen, to dander and even chemical vapors) in the home.

Infant Allergy - Baby Allergy

A sick infant is a parent's worst nightmare. Keep your baby away from the harmful and toxic chemicals found in common bedding by creating a healthy nursery with the Starlight Support Crib Mattress and an air purifier like the Austin Air Baby's Breath, available in pink or blue. Moonlight Slumber crib, infant and toddler mattresses provide support and protection against common allergens without the harmful glues and treatments found in modern textiles and bedding. The Baby's Breath features true HEPA filtration, capturing 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. As an added bonus, the white noise from this air purifier may also help your baby sleep.

If you are looking for organic baby bedding, Pure-Rest makes several bedding products that are ideal for a nursery. Additionally, as part of the bedding that we ourselves make, there are many Allergy Armor brand organic bedding options. From organic cotton allergy covers and blankets to sheets and even allergy pillows and comforters, a majority of the bedding you'll find on our site, including the organic cotton bedding, is made by us, right here in Atlanta, GA.

Many infants have problems with eczema or dry skin. Children dealing with asthma can often have a dry, persistent cough, particularly during the winter and fall months, while dry sinuses, chapped lips and dry skin are also common discomforts. A humidifier should help tremendously by restoring moisture back into your indoor air and creating a more comfortable indoor climate. If your baby has sensitive skin, try Vanicream skin cream. Recommended by dermatologists, vanicream products are safe and effective for children as well as adults.

Household chemicals can cause serious damage to a young immune system. Instead of spraying toxic chemicals into your child's room, clean with safe, all-natural EcoDiscoveries Nursery Cleaner. This enzyme based cleaner will clean without the chlorine or ammonia. We find that Vital Oxide is a safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional chemical cleaners. And unlike your ammonia based glass cleaner or chlorine based bathroom or mold cleaner, Vital Oxide is a tested and EPA registered disinfectant and sanitizer. There is virtually no odor, and a wide variety of uses!

Child Asthma

Asthma is the most prevalent chronic condition among children and is the most common cause of hospitalization for children under 15. Over nine million children in the US alone have been diagnosed with asthma, and they miss nearly 15 million school days a year due to asthma. It is imperative that asthmatic children take their medication as prescribed and learn about their asthma triggers. You can help them avoid asthma triggers by preventing the build-up of allergens in the home.

Children need special asthma treatment equipment like the PARI Vios Pediatric Nebulizer. Some equipment, such as the child masks for the PARI Vortex can make asthma treatment more bearable for children by reducing the clinical feel that most asthma treatments can have.

Child Food Allergy

Young children cannot understand a life-threatening food allergy, and often cannot communicate that danger to others. Food Allergy cards let everyone know about the child's allergy and are handy for cafeterias or when dining out. As with any life-threatening allergy, an auto-injector is essential to your child's safety. Your child should have access to an injector at all times. The Ana-Tote and the Ana-Tote Twin cases make it easy to carry them anywhere. Convenient belts and snaps allow kids to take them wherever they go, and now both sizes are available as red thermal totes.

Child Sinus Care

Rinsing the nose with saline (salt water) is a popular, effective at-home treatment for sinus problems. Saline washes away allergens like pollen and mold spores, that can irritate the sinuses and cause allergic reactions like sneezing and congestion. Nasal flushing also washes away germs, and this natural treatment is safe for children and adults alike. There are a variety of neti pots and rinses that are simple, easy to mix and easy for children and kids to use. And beginning early, particularly with a child who suffers from seasonal allergies, will help ensure a more consistent good habit later on.

Allergy Toys

Your child's favorite toy can house thousands of dust mites. We recommend washable toys. Wash toys in hot water weekly to kill dust mites. If you already have an old stuffed animal that you absolutely cannot throw out or wash, place it in the freezer overnight to kill dust mites.

Finding the right combination that works for you and your child can take some time and experimentation, but all of the products you will find on our site are designed to help you better control your indoor environment and reduce allergens - all in the hope of eliminating (as much as possible) reactions from eczema, allergies, asthma and other allergic disease.

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