Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners
Electrolux vacuum cleaners offer the perfect solution for asthma and allergy sufferers alike. With HEPA filtration, ease of use and quiet operation, the Electrolux line of canister and upright vacuum cleaners provide cleaning solutions for nearly any household. Bags and HEPA filters are easy to change and affordable. Each model comes with an assortment of attachments and an array of features to make cleaning your home a breeze. And, each unit is backed by a nearly century of innovation and a company that has been a leader in the vacuum and home cleaning industry.
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      Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners
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How to Select Your Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

We recommend canister vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers because they generally offer more power and more efficient filtration. The Electrolux ErgoSpace is a powerful canister vacuum that was built with the environment in mind. Plus, this vacuum is very quiet.

As a slightly less expensive alternative, we have the Electrolux Versatility EL8052 Vacuum. The EL8052B is a bagless upright styled in the likeness of the popular Dyson uprights. With dual cyclonic suction, HEPA filtration, an easy to empty dust bin, and a quick-release wand, the Versatility is an affordable yet efficient upright for all of your cleaning needs, and the included @Hand turbobrush gives you an easy way to clean steps and upholstered furniture.

Electrolux HEPA Filtration & MicroSeal System

When it comes to vacuum cleaners for allergen elimination, HEPA filtration is the key. For the very best in filtration efficiency, choose an Electrolux with MicroSeal HEPA filtration. The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra vacuum and the Electrolux Versatility features the Electrolux MicroSeal technology and true HEPA filter.

The MicroSeal system keeps air that is being filtered and cleaned as you vacuum separate from dirty air. It streamlines the airflow through the vacuum cleaner creating a clear path for air to flow through the bag and HEPA filter before it exits the vacuum. This system works to ensure that the vacuum is a more efficient cleaning machine, cleaning both the air you breathe while you vacuum your floors.

Allergy sufferers should also be concerned about the method of dust collection. The Electrolux S-Bag Clinic bag is ideal for those with allergies and asthma, as it traps 99.5% of allergens and bacteria through a high-tech, three-layer filtration system. Electrolux vacuum bags also have dust tabs that seal the dust inside.

Electrolux History & Company Information

One day in Vienna in 1908, a young man by the name of Axel Wenner-Gren was walking down the sidewalk when something caught his eye; it was a vacuum cleaner in a shop window. At that moment, he realized that every household should have a vacuum cleaner and he built a very lucrative career based on that realization. Wenner-Gren became the top salesman of Lux vacuum cleaners in Sweden, but he noticed a problem with the vacuum cleaners: they were too heavy and cumbersome for customers.

Wenner-Gren amassed his fortune by giving customers exactly what they wanted. He designed a smaller, more portable version of the Lux vacuum and started his own company. He soon gained control of Elektromekaniska AB, the company that manufactured the motors for the vacuum cleaners, and he later gained control of Lux as well. In 1919, Lux and Elektromekaniska AB combined to form Electrolux, with Wenner-Gren as the director.

Ten years later, due to innovative marketing and a bold approach to new technology, Electrolux had offices all over the world. The company invested in the development of other emerging technologies, and now they sell over 55 million products each year in 150 countries under brand names like Electrolux, AEG, Frigidaire, and Eureka. The company has over 77,000 employees worldwide. Today, Electrolux continues to give customers exactly what they want.

Discontinued Models

Electrolux Harmony
Electrolux Ultra Silencer
Electrolux Intensity
Electrolux Oxygen3 Upright
Electrolux Pronto
Electrolux Twin Clean Canister
Electrolux DuraLux Upright
Electrolux DuraLite Upright
Electrolux Oxygen 3 Ultra
Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E

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