Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop

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Gruene Steam Cleaner


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Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop

The GrueneSteam steam cleaner and mop is a cost effective solution to cleaning and sanitizing your floors, countertops, bathroom and just about any other space or piece of furniture in your home. With this 2 in 1 unit, you will have less clutter in your utility room and more money in your pocket. The design uses a flash heat system instead of a high pressure boiler in a combine unit that quickly goes from steam mop to handheld steam cleaner. With this design, you get sanitizing steam in seconds not minutes. The GrueneSteam is designed to use virtually any type of towel or pad, eliminating the need for expensive replacement pads.

If it is floors you are tackling, you simply fill the water tank and seconds later clean steam is at your fingertips. Using steam means that you can toss out that bulky, messy, mop and bucket and forget about waiting for wet floors to dry. When you use the Gruene Steam mop, the floors practically dry as you go. With included attachments you can steam garments, your mattress, grout, grills and even your oven. If you have children and pets, you will love that the GrueneSteam is a chemical free system.

Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop Video

Product Features

  • The GrueneSteam 2-in-1 has the ability to convert from a mop to a handheld steam cleaner quickly and easily.
  • 212° steam safely and effectively destroys microorganisms, viruses, germs and even kills dust mites and bed bugs.
  • This steam cleaner comes with 10 unique attachments (a variety of brushes pads, and other specialized tools) to make even the toughest cleaning jobs a breeze.
  • Cord length is 20 feet.
  • With a simple Pad Locking System you can use just about any correctly sized terry cloth or microfiber towel/pad instead of purchasing specific pads or wasteful disposables.
  • You can operate continuously for 8-12 minutes per tank.
  • Heats up very quickly. Instead of a high pressure boiler the GrueneSteam uses a more modern efficient technology called Flash Heating, which is similar to a tank less water heater in your home.
  • Swivel head design provides a wider range of movement for cleaning those hard to reach spaces.

Gruene Steam Cleaner - 10 Attachments

  • GrueneSteam Cleaner on Range Hood FilterSqueegee Hand Tool is designed to make quick work of cleaning windows and mirrors.
  • The Garment Hand Tool is great for taking wrinkles out of clothes and curtains. It also works to sanitize your mattress.
  • Nylon Brush Set includes three brushes to handle most of your cleaning needs. A Large brush for wide coverage which is great for scrubbing tile and grout lines. Triangle and Detail head brushes for getting into tight spaces.
  • Wire brush makes short work of cleaning golf clubs and it is designed to take the work out of really tough cleaning jobs.
  • The Scraper Nozzle is perfect for removing wallpaper, and can cut the job time in half!
  • The DirectJet Nozzle shoots out a jet of steam which is great for those hard to reach areas.

Gruene Steam Cleaners Product Reviews

Write A Review
  Good, but no cigar
Reviewed by: Itchy nosed woman from South Carolina

I bought this over some of the others from another source due to cost. I don't regret the purchase, but when I am able to afford a more expensive steamer I will be getting one. The good things about this are it cleans my hard surfaces quite well, including baked on oven grease. I have very old vinyl flooring that I normally have to really scrub to make it look clean. This steam mop got all the dirt out of the crevices quickly and painlessly. I was hoping to use it for vapor cleaning my furniture and possibly for steaming my clothes rather than ironing. It will not work well for these, at least not the one I have. It heats up quickly, produces lots of steam, but it cannot keep a consistant temperature, so I found I was constantly checking whether the temperature light was on or not. The in temperature means that water drips spray out on the furniture or clothing. This is manageable for hard surfaces, but not practical for soft coverings. Due to this I can understand why achoo allergy no longer carries this machine.
  Not what I thought it would be
Reviewed by: Jean from Brookings, Oregon

I have just started using this steam cleaner and mop but so far I am not overly impressed. The mop part is fine. It works very, very well and was easy to put toether. The steam cleaner, on the other hand, is a bit of a disappointment. I think that I expect miracles from anything that calls itself a "steam cleaner" so it could just be that I don't know how to use it yet. For instance, I attempted to clean a window with it and decided that it would be easier to clean the window with some Windex and a paper towel! I'll give it any try though. At least I'm very happy with the mop.
  Love to steam clean everything
Reviewed by: Ashlie J. from independence, la

Just received my steam cleaner last week and have already used it a ton. loved the super fast 2 day delivery. I immediately figured how to use it after unboxing it and cleaned my floors and other small areas testing it out. My fiance then decided it was his turn to check it out, he cleaned everything. the table, oven, fridge, windows, tools, the hood vent about the stove, the sink, I mean everything. needless to say my house it so clean now, I don't think it has ever been this clean. Having heard this several family members have asked to use it. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Since the steam in a steam cleaner is so hot, if used on carpets will it fade the colors?

A: It shouldn't. However, as with any new cleaning agents or devices, test a spot first. The reason why it shouldn't is because you typically don't keep the steam cleaner in any given spot for more than a second or two at most. Colors will generally fade if the heat is consistent, longer, like in a washing machine full of hot water where the clothing is immersed in the heat for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Q2: If used on carpet, will it kill dust mites?

A: Yes. The steam is more than hot enough to kills dust mites if you move the head slowly across the carpet.

Q3: Can this steam cleaner be used on carpet? I have seen others advertise a "carpet glider". Is this safe, smart, etc?

A: Yes, with a glider or sole it can be used to deodorize and freshen up carpet. The amount of moisture is minimal and dry within minutes, so there is generally little concern over mold or dust mites developing. The heat, though, is enough to kill germs and release odors but should not damage carpet or flooring. We always recommend to test in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire floor.

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GrueneSteam Mop & Steam Cleaner Reviews
Gruene Steam Cleaner & Mop

The GrueneSteam Mop gives you the versatility in one steam cleaner to replace the traditional mop and bucket for your floors as well as detach the body and use it as a hand steamer. While not as commonly known as more expensive brands, the Gruene is very reasonably priced and comes with an array of attachments. For the cost conscious customer, this steam cleaner is a perfect solution to steam cleaning your floors, furniture, mattress, clothes, drapes, kitchen counter tops and even remove wallpaper. After taking this model home for a weekend, here is what we found.

What I like about the Gruene Steam Cleaner & Mop

Perhaps one of the most unique and innovative features of the Gruene Steam Mop and Hand Cleaner is its ability to convert to a hand steamer. While more expensive models, styled after canister vacuum cleaners, provide this option, most less expensive floor mops lack the ability to clean anything beyond your flooring. To use you simply unlock and remove the center section, and you're ready to go. This functioned exactly as advertised, easy to use and convenient.

In addition to the versatility of having a 2-in-1 steam cleaner, the Gruene comes with a multitude of attachments and nozzles. The three nylon brushes are pretty much your all purpose brushes used to help dislodge caked in grime and loosen debris that the steam alone has difficulty with. For me triangle shaped brush worked fairly well for the grout in our two bathrooms. The one thing to remember about this sort of application is that steam cleaners do NOT suck stuff up. They are not vacuum cleaners. A lot of people get snagged on this, but they simply do not work this way. The steam combined with the scrubbing action helped pull out things like pet hair and general grime, but if you are working in heavily soiled areas, it's best to go back over things with a broom or vacuum to get any large debris you have loosened up. The garment attachment was particularly useful as well. Once attached this helped release wrinkles in several of the button-ups I have in my closet (forgive me for not always remembering to immediately fold my freshly dried shirts!). The other two attachments I found the most use from were the window squeegee and the wire brush. The squeegee worked about the same as the type you'd find at a gas station. So it cleaned as well as the common ammonia based cleaner without the lovely odor. The wire brush was handy, particularly a few tools in my garage. After I steamed those, I made sure to wipe them down with some light oil to prevent rust or corrosion. But seriously, who like using a socket set that has 11 years of motor oil, grease and grime on it?

As a steam mop, the GrueneSteam performed in line with similarly priced models. One note on this though, with the Gruene you have to option to use pretty much whatever type of cloth you'd like. So instead of having to purchase special cloth, you can use any sort of terry cloth or microfiber cloth you want.

In general there has been a push towards using steam cleaners in recent years. As more and more people have problems with the chemicals found in household cleaners, steam cleaning has become a simple yet effective way to clean and disinfect. For allergy sufferers in particular, steam cleaning your mattress and bedding can help reduce or eliminate dust mites. At 212 the steam is more than hot enough to kill dust mites. Even more recently, steam cleaners have been used to help rid homes of bed bugs. The steam is hot enough to kill them and their larvae, and the Gruene steam cleaner is perfect for steaming nearly every part of your bedroom.

What I do not like about the Gruene Steam Cleaner & Mop

Compared to some of the higher end models, you'll find some distinct differences. Unlike more expensive brands the Gruene has not antimicrobial protection. So even though it can be a pain, remember to empty the tank after use.

The tool caddy on the back can be a bit tricky. Like tool caddies on other home appliances, a lot of movement and bumping around can knock them off. This is a relatively minor problem though.

Lastly, on the flooring, the GrueneSteam didn't dry quite as quickly as a few other steam cleaners I have tested. It took a few minutes for all of the steam vapor to evaporate. Don't get me wrong, it was NOTHING like how wet the floors get when using a mop.

Overall, the cleaning ability will surprise you. Even in places where you use chlorine or ammonia based cleaners, sometimes those just can't compare to steam vapor. The GrueneSteam is lightweight, compact and extremely versatile. The cost is minimal, yet it can keep pace with models that are easily twice as expensive. In the kitchen the Gruene steam cleaner is right at home. Whether you are using it to loosen up the gunk that has been nuked to the insides of your microwave, pie filling that's baked onto the bottom of your oven, Kool-Aid stains on the kitchen counter or miles worth of doggy paws on your kitchen floor, the Gruene has the ability and tools to keep your entire home looking, smelling and feeling cleaner.

Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop Detailed Specifications

Color: Hunter Green and Black
Size: 46" H x 7" W x 11" (Mop head)
Voltage: 120 V
Watts: 1500W
Cord Length: 20 feet
Tank Capacity: 470 mL (15.89 fl. oz.)
Total Weight: 8 lbs.
Hand Steamer Weight: 3 lbs.
Heat Up Time: 30 seconds
Operating Time: Continuous steam (8-12 min per tank)
Steam Temperature: 212° F
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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Gruene Steam Cleaners Warranty Information

Limited 1 Year Warranty. Warranty applies to household use only and not for commercial or rental applications. The warranty does not cover damage or malfunction caused by neglect, negligence, abuse, or unauthorized repair.


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