Allergy Armor Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Memory Foam - Queen


Allergy Armor Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress pads provide an additional layer of supporting comfort to any bedding set, and the new Allergy Armor foam mattress topper is no exception! At 2" thick, this foam mattress pad provides a layer of soft support ideal for those dealing with a mattress that is a little too firm. Hypoallergenic foam cushions and is dust mite resistant, so unlike traditional bedding, memory foam is an ideal anti-dust mite, anti-allergy bedding. Available in three sizes, simple lay the mattress pad over your existing mattress and enjoy a more relaxing, natural sleep.

Each new foam mattress pad comes with a zippered cover. This polyester/spandex cover is custom sewn in our cut and sew facility and specially fitted to each size of Allergy Armor mattress pad. Machine washable, breathable, and treated with an antimicrobial finish, the cover gives and stretches to conform to the foam while protecting the topper. Each topper is packaged separately but included with the topper.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Pillow Video

Memory Foam Mattress Pad Sizes and Dimensions

  Inches (W x L) Centimeters (W x L)
Twin 40" x 74" 102 x 188
Full / Queen 60" x 79" 153 x 201
King 76" x 79" 193 x 201

Mattress Topper Tips for Use

Measure Overal Depth of Mattress & Mattress Pad Before Buying a Mattress CoverUsing your new memory foam mattress pad is a cinch, but sometimes you may have a question as to what goes where when you have a mattress, mattress pad, mattress cover, and sheets. First, you need to decided if you plan on using your mattress pad on top of or encased by your mattress cover.

If the topper is going on top of your existing mattress/mattress cover combo, then simply lay over top, then spread your normal fitted and flat sheets over everything. If you use it under, make sure you have chosen a mattress cover that provides an extra two inches of depth. This is to accommodate the thickness of your mattress PLUS that of the mattress pad. If you are squeezing to get everything in to the encasing, you'll likely end up with a firmer feeling bed by having a mattress cover seal so tightly.

Product Reviews & Questions

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  sleeping on a cloud
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer & buyer of a Hard Mattress from Detroit, Michigan

Bought a new mattress and found out a month in that it was way to firm for me. Bought this foam mattress topper and have been sleeping great! No more tossing and turning all night!
  Sleeping Soundly
Reviewed by: No Longer Sleepless in Atlanta from IL

I bought a new mattress and though I thought I liked the feel of it at the store it was a different story once it was in my bedroom. I was torn between getting a new mattress or just putting up with the costly bad decision. I was advised by a product expert at Achoo to try this. It was not as expensive as buying a new mattress so I bought it... I LOVE IT! The yellow is not that attractive, but you don't see that under sheets. It also comes with a nice zipped cover, but I decided to take that off to give the foam topper more traction to stay in place under my sheet. I am sleeping soundly and wake up refreshed thanks to this gem!! Im SO happy I bought it! Saved my wallet and my back! Thanks Achoo! for all you do!

Customer Q & A

Q1: Does this have any chemical/voc?
A: While there are no VOCs in this product, foam is not a "natural" product. If you're looking for a more natural product, you will want to avoid most of the memory foam products. Most people don't typically have any problems with them, but if you have sensitivities, you will likely want to look more towards poly-fill toppers.

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Allergy Armor Memory Foam Mattress Pad Review

Allergy Armor Memory Foam Mattress Topper

As one of the newest additions to the Allergy Armor line of products, the Memory Foam Mattress Pad is something we've been working on for quite some time. Memory foam is a great sleeping material for people, particularly for those who have problems with dust mite allergies or anyone who simply wants a softer feeling mattress without the expense of buying a new one. This is where mattress pads (or, mattress toppers), come in. Not only are they difficult for dust mites to make into a home, they act as a cushiony layer that can soften the feel of your bed while still providing support. After nearly a week of sleeping on this mattress pad, this is what I found.

What I like about the Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Like many people, I have lower back problems, and most often, if I wake with just a dull ache in my lower back, I'm happy. (Yes, yes, I know - go see a doctor.) One way that I have been able to find a good deal of relief from this is by using a mattress pad. Originally, I purchased a down mattress pad, and while that seemed to be fine for me, I had some issues with feathers poking me. The other issue with down pads is the allergens.

I stripped away from sheets, and while they were washing, I replaced my down mattress topper with the new Allergy Armor Memory Foam Mattress pad. That night, I noticed an immediate difference. No longer did I use TWO fitted sheets to prevent feathers from poking me while I slept, and the pad itself was so soft. It added just the right measure of supple comfort to bed.

In terms of comfort, memory foam is difficult to describe. Supportive yet soft is the best way to describe it, but it is really something you have to feel to fully understand. Hands down, this is purpose and best feature of this mattress pad.

That first evening, I slept more soundly than I had in a very long time. On a side note, that morning when I woke, I didn't have my ritualistic-four-sneeze fit.

As with any memory foam product, should you spill anything on it, clean can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. For mattress pads, the easiest thing to do is periodically vacuum them. For any sort of staining, spot clean with water and a mild detergent (many people prefer Woolite). And aside from this, once you have ensured that its thoroughly dried, you're all set.

The included mattress pad cover is really a great benefit. It is very easy to get on, in large part because of the construction and the materials. While it is NOT a barrier fabric, it is a polyester/spandex blend that stretches and confirms. Machine washable and treated with an antimicrobial, the zippered cover is included in a separate package but in the box with the mattress pad. As a final benefit, the cover turns your bright yellow, banana-like mattress pad into a more pleasant cream color!

What I did not like about the Memory Foam Mattress Pad

If there is one thing that people will most often complain about, it is lack of options. Aside from selecting the size that fits your bed, the Allergy Armor mattress pad is only available in one depth, 2". I suppose you could always buy two and stack them, but in reality, 2" is the most common depth that provides a balance between support and cushion.

Overall, the Allergy Armor mattress pad is a great way to soften your sleep without spending a great deal of money. With better support than latex, memory foam is an excellent hypoallergenic solution that is more dust mite resistant than traditional bedding. Though it is only available in one depth, the memory foam mattress topper is a great addition to any bedding set.

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Memory Foam - Queen (Item#: AA8002) (Discontinued)

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